hey lovelies!! so the outsiders. i was forced to read the book in like 8th grade and surprisingly enjoyed it and all the characters. and then i watched the movie and i was like "dammnnnnn! they really popped off with these actors. okayyyy!" so yeah i fell in love with all the characters so here we are. also, i can only find like 2 of these articles total... it's kinda sad. this movie deserves more hype!


basic info

name melina grace winston
nicknames meli, mel, lina, little winston, baby winston
birthday october 30th, 1950
zodiac scorpio

hair, brunette, and hairstyle image summer, tropical, and waves image beautiful, bikini, and summer image aesthetic, beach, and eyes image
slim & muscular, hourglass body, tan freckled skin, dark brown shoulder length hair, large hazel eyes with long eyelashes
aesthetic, fashion, and style image Image removed Temporarily removed 90s, denim, and fashion image Temporarily removed Image by Nesrin
edgy, denim, leather, black and dark colors, lots of oversized button ups (usually stolen from one of the boys)
clothes, fashion, and outfit image grunge, moon, and necklace image Temporarily removed aesthetic, beauty, and fashion image
the sliver chain dally gave her when she was 11, black chokers, earrings, cartilage piercing, nose ring
text image quotes, sarcasm, and sarcastic image relationships, romantic, and cute love lovers image quotes, goals, and woman image quotes, words, and expectations image Temporarily removed
stubborn, sarcastic, hopeless romantic, loyal, independent, very very sensitive but doesn’t show it



dally winston older brother

the outsiders, matt dillon, and dallas winston image Image removed
he's one of the only people she truly loves, she looks up to him and wants to be exactly like him even though she’s the polar opposite, that’s why she try’s so hard to act like him. they are like the closest siblings ever.

darry curtis

the outsiders, darrel curtis, and 1980s image Image removed
treats her like his daughter or little sister. she cares about her like one too. she and him get along really well, he’s overprotective and they cook together.

ponyboy curtis

ponyboy, the outsiders, and 80s image ponyboy, Ponyboy Curtis, and the outsiders image
they are in the same grade and help each other with homework and go to classes together. but outside of school he feels more like a little brother to her even though they are pretty much the same age.

johnny cade

the outsiders, ralph macchio, and johnny cade image 80's, the outsiders, and ralph macchio image
meli loves Johnny like a brother too. sometimes she goes and sleeps in the lot with him. he talks about his family to her, and every now and then she’ll open up to him a little bit. he had a major crush on her a while back but not anymore. they see each other a lot at school too and a pretty close.

steve randle

Tom Cruise, the outsiders, and steve randle image Image removed
they work together at the DX and steve likes to joke around with her. they like to pull pranks on soda together. they are super close because of work. he also says that her chocolate cakes are the best.

two-bit matthews

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meli thinks he’s funny but he’s a bit much for her sometimes. he’s probably the one shes the furthest from. she has nothing against him and they're still friends just not too close.
love interest

sodapop curtis

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the outsiders and sodapop curtis image rob lowe, the outsiders, and sodapop curtis image the outsiders and guy image rob lowe image
before they even started dating soda and meli were each others best friends. for forever she’s been the closest to him besides dally. they both started to develop feelings for each other when meli was living with them while dally was away. they both have trouble sleeping so would stay up talking really late and actually fell asleep on the couch together a few times. one time soda saw meli sitting on the curb right outside the curtis' house recently after dally got back from new york. she was so embarrased that he saw her crying so she tried to push him away and run off but he caught up to her and said, "meli, i love you. i have for a while now. you don't have to hide your emotions from me. of course i hate seeing you sad but you need to let your feelings out and i want to be there for you. will you be my girlfriend?" and the rest is history. now that they are a couple they spend basically all the time together that they can.


aesthetic, bandage, and hand image grunge and electric guitar image Abusive image friends, sunset, and aesthetic image car, vintage, and aesthetic image Abusive image
she loves boxing, playing electric guitar, hanging out with her friends, going to the movies and also coking and singing. she also has a bad habit of drinking and smoking to cope with her emotions.


aesthetic, brothers, and quotes image brother, brothers, and family image
meli is dallas winston's younger sister. meli is 2 years younger. their parents were abusive to them, and then left when meli was 5. her and dally had no idea what to do other than stick together. luckily, the curtis’s took them in and they lived with them for a while. that was until the Curtis' parents passed away. after that Dally just felt like he was he was in darry's way of parenting soda and ponyboy and that’s when they started spending most of their nights at bucks. and then, dally wanted to spend some time away so meli moved back into the curtis’s while dally was gone. those were the worst months of meli's life without her brother. then he came back and meli was so happy to move back in with her brother, but he was different and would get drunk all the time and it almost seemed like he didn’t care about his life anymore and was sleeping around with girls. that’s when she would go to the curtis’s basically every night and she would sleep on their couch or with soda cause he was always awake or she would go find johnny in the lot.
50s, 60s, and 80s image Image by J u s t |A| D r e a m e r
after Dally died, meli was the biggest mess ever. she basically stopped functioning for about 6 months. the only reason she didn’t kill herself was because of soda. after a while she became more herself again but still wasn’t the same. soda and meli left and moved to New York like meli always dreamed of. it helped her cope with her brothers death and eventually became as happy as ever. soda got hired as a manger of a chain of gas stations in New York. they got married and meli became a stay at home mom with their 3 kids, dallas, morgan, and steve.


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