I am an art and creative writing student finally graduating with a bachelors in 2021

I will probably edit this shortly to add more bucketlist items

fire, light, and vintage image Temporarily removed camping, nature, and green image camping, tent, and photography image
Go camping
Temporarily removed japan, street, and aesthetic image japan, travel, and kyoto image theme, green, and japan image
Live abroad in Japan
korea, bicycle, and discover image perfection image Temporarily removed bike, green, and nature image
Bicycle through Japan
aesthetic and computer image Temporarily removed antique, beautiful, and diary image science image
Finish and publish my novel
Temporarily removed yarn image knitting, yarn, and string image art, face, and colors image
Make something via knitting or other yarnwork
cat, france, and paris image baking, coffee, and cooking image Temporarily removed city, paris, and travel image
Go back to Paris
art image fragile, orange, and pottery image Temporarily removed art, ceramics, and clay image
Try wheel pottery
air, amsterdam, and beautiful image yellow, green, and vintage image city image city, amsterdam, and house image
Visit Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Image by véronique011 sea, boy, and train image brunette, road, and train image Temporarily removed
Ride across a great distance via train
girl, vintage, and subway image girl, aesthetic, and lgbtq image shadow and love image Temporarily removed
Fall in love
staircase and moomin house image Image by - Temporarily removed cat, flowers, and pink image
Own a home
Inspiring Image on We Heart It garden and nature image china, chinese, and food image Temporarily removed
Cultivate a garden
art, dance, and kids image baby, love, and family image girl image film, indie, and pale image
Become a mother
painting, art, and brush image art, paint, and colors image Image by mack art, girl, and beautiful image
Never stop making art