as of now, this is what i want for my future. if you look back at some of my past articles you'll see that somethings have changed.

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This has changed over time. I use to want to be a social worker but in my job and reflecting on past study I've come to realise that it's not my passion. My goal for now is to do a double degree in business management & business marketing. Originally I was going to move cities and do a bachelor of entertainment business management but i didn't want to limit myself just to the entertainment industry. My dream would to be apart of a marketing team for a major sports club, do some work in entertainment with tour marketing for performers and ultimately creating my own management and marketing business which caters for not one sector but all.


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all i want to do is go to america. i love australia so much but i just don't see any future for me here. america really is a dream. i'm currently fascinated with portland, oregon and would love to give that a go in the future. a little apartment would do when the move finally happens but other than that i'd love a little house with character with a touch of modern put into it.


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india, spain, japan, south africa -> take me there


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i want to experience the world with my family. they mean so much to me and i would love to travel with them. i'd love to do what i can in future to support them and keep the safe and healthy. i love them so much. i want to make them happy and proud of me. later on, i'd love to have a family of my own.


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i'm not very artistic at all but one thing i do love is journaling and capturing memories on film. i'd love to have a camera and take photos and create videos/vlogs of memories. also journaling down my thoughts and experiences so one day the future generations and read it.

thats all, thanks for reading <3

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