Dreams - The cranberries

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(It's good) to be free - Oasis

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A song for the lovers - Richard Ashcroft

beach, girl, and friends image love, couple, and sunset image

Eclipse - Pink Floyd

moon, night, and aesthetic image art, blue, and boy image

Song to sing when I'm lonely - John Frusciante

Image by vc cigarette, smoke, and vintage image

Next of Kin - Alvvays

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Best Friend - Rex Orange Country

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Baby Lemonade - Syd Barrett

aesthetic, alternative, and field image lemon, fruit, and summer image

Heaven - Beyoncé

scenery and view image sky, sunset, and clouds image

Daylight - Taylor Swift

aesthetic, grunge, and nature image aesthetic, feet, and light image

Golden - Harry Styles

sparkle, beach, and aesthetic image aesthetic, hand, and gold image

midnight love - Girl in red

aesthetic, hair, and earrings image Image by 🤹‍♀️