Main character activities aesthetic:

aesthetic, book, and korean image writing, black, and book image book, aesthetic, and fruit image aesthetic, bibliophile, and books image
Writer / Journalist
aesthetic, art, and painting image matthew gray gubler, socks, and criminal minds image aesthetic, art, and theme image Temporarily removed
Temporarily removed Image removed Temporarily removed elsa hosk, gucci, and style image
Sports multitalent
art, guitar, and aesthetic image art, music, and piano image aesthetic, music, and vintage image home, girl, and aesthetic image
Songwriter / musician
crystal, herb, and botanic image aesthetic, crystal, and flower image flowers, aesthetic, and hand image allah, culture, and inspiring image
Spiritual guru / Witch
bag, beige, and brown image food, breakfast, and coffee image aesthetic and theme image coffee, fashion, and vintage image
Boulangerie owner / local baker
black lives matter, blm, and theme image Temporarily removed democracy, people, and motivated image flower, paz, and peace image
aesthetic, strawberry, and food image nature, waterfall, and green image flowers, aesthetic, and nature image Abusive image
Cottagecore farmer
architecture, blue, and explore image book, aesthetic, and coffee image book, aesthetic, and vintage image aesthetic, eyes, and eye image
turtle, animal, and beach image aesthetic, ghetto, and nature image animal, cute, and lion image animals and kangaroo image
Wildlife rescuer
flowers, aesthetic, and bouquet image flowers and bouquet image book, books, and encyclopedia image Temporarily removed