This idea was not mine but lets gooooo, here's a playlist that won't make any sense but i l o v e these songs

also i know the alphabet! i just couldn't find songs that i love for some letters so i just skipped them :)

around me - brent faiyaz

food and wine image aesthetic, fashion, and jeans image
and if I had to choose, me or you? i'd choose me.

blue world - mac miller

aesthetic, car, and sky image Temporarily removed
one of these days we'll all get by. don't be afraid, don't fall

caught their eyes - jay z ft. frank ocean

Temporarily removed ocean, beach, and aesthetic image
i wave to these haters, don't give me dap. you know the world can see just how phony you act, bruh

dancing queen - abba

band, fun, and legend image aesthetic, fashion, and figs image
see that girl, watch that scene, dig in the dancing queen

earfquake - tyler the creator

flowers, white, and nature image tyler, tyler the creator, and golf wang image
riding around, your love is shakin' me up and it's making my heart break

fuck the world (summer in london)- brent faiyaz

fire, theme, and water image legs, theme, and aesthetic image
spend without a thought, we do it reckless

go gina - sza

insect, true love, and beautiful image flowers, bedroom, and cozy image
i belong to nobody, hope it don't bother you

hurt feelings - mac miller

nails, butterfly, and aesthetic image angel, eternal, and forever image
putting way too much on my shoulders, please hold me down

ivy - frank ocean

hands, water, and aesthetic image black and white, nature, and photography image
if you could see my thoughts you would see our faces

july - noah cyrus

butterfly, theme, and aesthetic image Image by springkg
feels like a lifetime, just tryna get by, while we're dying inside

keep ya head up - tupac

butterfly, hair, and aesthetic image tupac, 2pac, and tupac shakur image
and since a man can't make one, he has no right to tell a woman when and where to create one

love drought - beyonce

beyoncé image cartoon, couple, and creepy image
you're my lifeline, are you tryna kill me?

my favorite part - mac miller ft ariana grande

butterfly, aesthetic, and black image flowers image
before things come together, they have to fall apart

nights - frank ocean

flowers, mountains, and nature image Temporarily removed
can't keep up a conversation, can't nobody reach you

only in the west - yeek

Image removed city, paris, and travel image
homies sell hella drugs, only because they have to & that sucks

pride - kendrick lamar

Image removed dog and animals image
sick venom in men and women overcome with pride. a perfect world is never perfect, only filled with lies

reborn - kids see ghosts

aesthetic and alternative image bangs, fashion, and girl image
peace is something that starts with me

self control - frank ocean

moon, art, and kiss image car, grunge, and indie image
some nights you dance with tears in your eyes

triumph - j hus

chloe x halle and aesthetic image Temporarily removed
the fakers form an alliance, but the real will always triumph

ville mentality - j. cole

fire, grunge, and aesthetic image dark, grunge, and space image
how long can I survive with this mentality?

west coast - the neighbourhood

jesse rutherford image Temporarily removed
if the sun was God, i'd be covered in faith. if the ocean was the devil, i'd be covered in hate

young and beautiful - lana del rey

aesthetic, alternative, and indie image Image removed
will you still love me when i'm no longer young and beautiful?
the aesthetic of this article was based off of my collection: cyanide!