Hi guys!!
I am going to talk about my summer routine in this article and very excited to bond with you again throuh We Heart It in these hard times. I hope this article gives you hope, inspiration and courage to creat your own routines.

I am a medical student and currently finished this term and ready to rock next term.
Before September I will be spending most of my time with my family in Cyprus and this is the plan I am willing to follow.

Morning Swim

My father, my sister and I woke up very early and hit the beach to swim and watch sunrise everyday except Sundays. It's a very awakening habit and very stimulating for your body and a fun way to do your morning sport.
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Morning Coffee and Breakfast

When we get back to home we take shower one by one so while waiting my turn I dirnk coffee with my mum in the garden. Then we have breakfast.
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Book and Netflix

During quarantine i discovered new books and series with my sister. Currently very into Deborah Harkness's 'A Discovery of Witches' book series (All Souls Trilogy) and rewatching friends.
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For lunch we pick up tomato, lettuce, cucumber and lemon from the garden and fry some halloumi to make a healthy salad.
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I am taking pottrey lessons for 3 weeks now and trying to improve my pottery skils. It is harder that it looks guys it's not like watching Eric Landon from instagram, by the way he is the reason why I am taking pottery lessons. Check out his instagram it's very satisfaying.( https://www.instagram.com/tortus/?hl=en )
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In Cyprus we drink a lot of coffee. After drinking coffee AGAIN :)) I go to jog in the forrest , it's very relaxing and nice way to end the day.
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Gathering with Family

In the evening we gather in the garden to have dinner and drink some lemonade under the olive trees with the feeling of Mediterranean breeze.
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Hope you enjoyed xoxo ;)