Name: Hope Mikaelson
Era: Harry Potter

Blood Status

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She's confident, sarcastic and might come off as hostile and cold but that's a defence mechanism really.


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Harry and Hope are twins but they're seperated when Voldemort attacks. He takes Hope because the prophecy says, 'the girl will either be the downfall or the cause of success for him'. Meaning is Hope is with Harry, Voldemort will be destroyed and if she is with Harry, Voldemort will surely fall. She is taken and raised by death eaters. Voldemort makes it look like he killed her that night so that no one bothers looking for her.


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Yule Ball


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Favourite subject

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Favourite Professor

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Severus Snape Everyone finds him mean and cold but Hope can see through the darkness.



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Hope doesn't really have many friends in the beginning. People in Slytherin try to hang out with her because of her family and their status, she entertains it but doesn't really consider any of them real friends.
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Initially, Ron and Hermione are skeptical of Hope because she's a Slytherin and from a snooty pure blood family.
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But they all become friends after they find out she's Harry's secret twin sister

Love Interest

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Cedric was her first boyfriend.He has liked her for some time and gather's up the courage to ask her out. They go to the Yule ball together.
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His death in Goblet of fire crushes her
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It's then that she decides to go against her parents who are death eaters and joins her twin brother in helping to fight him.

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Her second love is Draco Malfoy
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Hope has always found Draco kind of irritating. His entitlement and childishness. Even if they're in the same house and their families are friends, she avoids him as much as she can.
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But her feelings change when she sees that he's just like her and his family dictates what he does in his life
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It becomes clear that they are attracted to each other. Her brother, Harry advises her against the relationship because he's on Voldemort's side. But Hope never stops caring and they get together after the battle.

The Battle at Hogwarts

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Harry begins to doubt Hope's loyalty after something important goes missing. Hope gets offended and mad and leaves him, Hermione and Ron.

Harry begins to regret what he accused Hope of when he finds out she's innocent. Especially since the prophecy says he needs her to defeat Voldemort

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Harry accepts that Hope might not be coming back and decides to sacrifice himself. During his battle with the dark lord, Hope shows up.
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In the end, Hope chooses her true family and goes against the death eaters who raise her