Ever since he knew himself, Christian Fetcher was different. Strange he was know as in his community because of his troubled past.
He had drifted from his family.
He wishes to be normal and tries his best after coming clean and tidying up his life.
But, with his father's sudden death and the cravings growing stronger, it has been hard for him to hide his Curses.
And one night, his prayers are answered but, not how he expected.

Rex decides to claim the human he comes upon. He is drawn to his Pet Christian so much that he can't control it any longer.
Rex experiences an old feeling he had thought he had buried away.
With old Demons coming alive to take what is his and Chris battling with his own, Rex will protect what is his, dragging Chris into the Deadly Cold secrets that hide in the Darkness that walks with Corvinius Lorde.

Contains maturity.
Malexmale love.
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Christian's watch beeped as the clock struck midnight. He had been standing here for some minutes. It felt like hours though and he had made his choice-

A rabid growl broke out and a giant grey blur leapt out of the shadows and onto the pale man in front of him. The others behind him rushed to the creature that ripped the man's head clean off, causing an oil-like substance to pour out of his severed neck and his body to drop, the head rolling away.

Chris was frozen as he watched the thing attack the two others that had come from behind him. It's showed no mercy, it's orb a shining silver, pointed ears were drawn back and ash fur bristled with black fluids. It's sharp teeth chomped down on one of the men's legs, dragging him away as he gave a wild scream.

It was oddly like watching a horror movie play out. And Chris had that same feeling you get when you want to see how it ends. That and he was terrified of moving to draw any attention to himself. The creature that was attacking them, didn't seem to notice him. And it looked like a wolf. But, it was the size of a wolf. His first thought was that maybe, all his years of drug abuse was getting back at him. However, he watched as the last man, with a weapon of some sort, a short blade, jumped onto the giant wold, only to shake off with a deranged growl that made Christian's entire being shaking.

The wolf grabbed the man by his neck with his teeth. The pale man tried to swipe at the beast with his blade, only to be thrown about as he screamed. There were sounds of tearing and it made his gut retch. Then, there were no more cries of pain and the thud of a body, then the crushing of bones as the wolf stood on the man's head.

The wind blew against the Wolf's fur as a gave a low growl.

And it looked at him.

His heart dropped and he felt his blood rush. He knew he shouldn't run. Why? Because running away from a Predator was the dumbest idea ever. But, ignoring his brain, he spun around, not wanting to be a part of the bloody nightmare he just witnessed. He was about to scream when he ran into an abrupt wall. He had almost fallen back on his ass. Panicking as all he knew was to getaway.

However, when he looked up, there was no wall, nothing but the man he had run into. And he was massive.
The man in front of him was over six feet tall and immediately, Chris wanted to shrink. He was never self-conscious but, now was the time as he was freaking the fuck out. The man wore a stylish and stained Tom Ford suit that was bulging with his muscles. He had wide and strong shoulders and tanned skin. A head of obsidian hair that fell forward a few strands and a stare that made Chris dizzy. His eyes, his eyes though, were crimson. His pupils dilated dark diamonds and his whole vibe made Chris want to... to submit. He smelt like blood but, beneath that stench was a delicious odour that he still picked up barely and made his mind stir.

This, this was no mere man.

The being racked his eyes down Christian's frame and Chris realized that he should run or at least scream for help. However, nothing happened. He didn't move, nor made a sound. Just stared.

The giant wolf walked around to stand behind the being, his eyes trailing the night. As if on the lookout.

The being hummed and 'tsked'. Then whispered, his voice so low, so dark, and smooth, Chris felt weak, " Good boy, now rest."

And Darkness engulfed him.