Hey and welcome to my ultimate alternative summer playlist!

You’re searching for some chill vibes to listen to on a car ride, a warm summer night or just while meeting up with your friends?

Then I have something for you! Some of my favorite songs especially for this time of the year! I hope you enjoy!

PS: If you don’t wanna google all the songs then just click here to the YouTube playlist ;)


1. old school
  • Hip Teens – The Frank Popp Ensemble
love, couple, and dance image dance, dress, and hair image
2. modern
- calm & peacful
  • Loving is Easy – Rex Orange Country feat. Benny Sings
smoke, hands, and cigarette image couple, love, and black and white image
  • i’m sorry i’m trying – nothing, nowhere.
guitar, music, and grunge image car, chill, and cigaret image
  • i wanna be your girlfriends – girl in red
nature, aesthetic, and bike image girl, kiss, and lesbian image
  • Down The Line – Beach Fossils
aesthetic, summer, and beautiful image friends, sunset, and summer image
  • Crater on the Moon – Ok Moon
girl and bike image love, couple, and night image
  • Venice Bitch – Lana Del Rey
dress, fav, and red image 60s, 70s, and aesthetic image
  • I Think I Wanna Beat Him Up – Clarence James
Image by αทαťҽɾɾα☼☽☆゚ blue, dark, and aesthetic image
  • Mystery of Love – Sufjan Stevens
orange image theme, aesthetic, and italy image
- dancing & just fun
  • Emma – Soran
car, vintage, and aesthetic image girl and vintage image
  • 3 Nights – Dominic Fike
sky, pink, and car image sunset, summer, and sun image
  • Shaky Ground – Freedom Fry
vintage, aesthetic, and beach image sunset, car, and palm trees image
  • I Love LA - Starcrawler
girl, car, and eyes image white headband, oversized jacket, and white crop top image
  • Figure It Out – Blu De Tiger
friends image city, sunset, and palm trees image
  • Honeypie – Jawny
denim, street style, and summer loving image aesthetic, vintage, and 90s image
3. with a bit of house
  • Roof Bay – alle farben

(basically the whole album)

friends, boy, and roof image night and love image
  • We Are One – Sarazar feat. Craig Walker
aesthetic, vintage, and bike image Image by TheBadGirl
  • Gimme Love – Joji
girl, aesthetic, and style image Image by O H H O N E Y
  • Alien – Dennis Lloyd
bodysuit, fun, and coat image aesthetic, photography, and sunset image
  • Girls in Bikinis – Poppy
vintage, aesthetic, and retro image freeway, rollerskates, and summer image

I hope you enjoyed the small insight into my music!

Also check out the other playlist articles and give them some love!

I hope you found some new fav tunes - See you soon ;)

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