First Song I Heard

~ Love Story, Fearless 2008

13, black dress, and concert image Taylor Swift and dress image

Favorite Album

~ Red, 2012 & Reputation, 2017

Taylor Swift, red, and taylor image fans, Reputation, and Taylor Swift image

Favorite Music Video

~ Everything Has Changed ft Ed Sheeran

Taylor Swift, ed sheeran, and red tour image Taylor Swift, ed sheeran, and everything has changed image

Favorite Songs From Debut Album, 2006

~ Should've Said No & Invisible

american, curly, and smile image Image removed

Favorite Song From Fearless, 2008

~ Breathe ft Colbie Caillat

Taylor Swift and Swift image Temporarily removed

Favorite Songs From Speak Now, 2010

~ Better Than Revenge & Sparks Fly

Taylor Swift, beautiful, and red image gif, Taylor Swift, and girl image

Favorite Songs From Red, 2012

~ Treacherous & All Too Well

edit, girl, and Hot image Taylor Swift, taylor, and red image

Favorite Songs From 1989, 2014

~ I Wish You Would & Wildest Dreams & Clean

girl, pretty, and Taylor Swift image Taylor Swift and 1989 image

Favorite Songs From Reputation, 2017

~ So It Goes...& Dress & End Game

Taylor Swift image Taylor Swift and Reputation image

Favorite Songs From Lover, 2019

~ Afterglow & Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince & Cruel Summer

taylorswift, taylorswift13, and taylorswİftnow image Taylor Swift image

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