Hello everybody!
June is already over, I can’t believe it :(
I had lots of time to read, soooo let’s go!

The secret history

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Read this book. Just do it, it truly is amazing! Maybe I felt more connected to this book because I study Ancient Greek, Latin and Philosophy just like its characters, anyway it is well written and super interesting. 9,5/10!!!

If We Were Villains

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I enjoyed this book, even though the vibes were really similar to TSH. Characters are described well, and the narration is kinda easy to follow. The only “problem” is that it is difficult to relate to characters other than the narrating voice (Oliver). 9-/10

The ballad of songbirds and snakes

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As always, Suzanne Collins didn’t disappoint me: this Hunger Games prequel was simply amazing. Some parts were full of violence, and Snow’s thoughts and personality were analysed in depth, making the reader able to understand him more. I totally recommend, 10/10

The secret life of Salvador Dali

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I honestly never thought that I would find Salvador Dali’s life so interesting, but reading this autobiography changed my mind! Dali tells us many events of his life, since he was a child: he narrates his crazy actions in a way that makes them seem so normal... impossible not to like them! 9,5/10

Lady Windermere’s fan

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This comedy by Oscar Wilde is absolutely brilliant. Reading it was easy and amusing, even the end (which wasn’t properly happy) was truly on point. It contains lots of interesting quotes about life and reality, and characters are extremely relatable (Lord Darlington ehm ehm) 10/10

That’s it! I read lots of other books, but I got bored of writing this article ahaha.
I hope you’re having a nice day <3