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Tuesday, 30th June 2020

I'm pretty surany of you have noticed the recent wave of bots on WHI. If you want to understand specifically who they are, check this lovely article by:

It is ABSOLUTELY NECCESSARY TO READ THIS ARTICLE. These bots are dangerous and should not be taken lightly.

The problem is now bots are even harder to disguise. Bots usually had this form:

underscore+Name+two numbers+underscore


Name+Capital letter+Two numbers

Sadly, however, some accounts that followed me don't belong to these categories and have relatively normal names, but the same content and links on their bio. The names were: architecturer, zoukan, couedeepied and flugzeugsitze.

This morning I woke up with 66 notifications and needless to say, I was excited. Unfortunately for me, most of them were bots who followed me. The least I could do was block them, but it actually made me very self concious of me and my account. Is my account a safe space for these bots? I'm open about this because I don't want to be accused of anything. Yes, a lot of bots have followed me these days. No, I didn't let them remain on my followers and I immediately blocked them. The whole situation made me wonder whether my account is even worth it or such low quality. I don't really want to continue whining about it, but I want to make clear, that I won't let anyone with such content remain on my followers. If you notice some of them following me, please notify me.

The whole situatiuon makes me sick. I first got on WHI when I was 11 to find aesthetic pictures and the fact that peers or even younger children may be exposed to such links is repugnant to me, kids shouldn't have to be involved with sexual content unwillingly. I haven't clicked on the links and I advice you not to, this is something already mentioned in the article above, but I repeat it, it may be sexual content or a scam to lay their hands on your personal information. One of these bots even had one of my announcments about my other account as their cover image, and two others used my uploads. That made me extremelly uncomfortable, because I don't want to be accossiated with these accounts in any way.

What also concerns me is that some pictures seem to be taken without consent of the women. Some of them are pictured getting out of the sea, bending over, or lying down and seem totally unaware that they are being pictured, let alone being put on the internet. That's predatory and could potentially be considered invasion of privacy or a milder form of child pornography, since many of the girls there seem underage. I even came accross a picture of a woman posing topless, and I'm not saying that a female nipple is more concerning than abuse, but it forms a prime example of how messed up the mature filter is.

The least you can do is block as many accounts of them as you can, since WHI doesn't have a report button. That won't solve anything, however. You should report as many names as you can on the google form given on the article above, the accounts will be e-mailed to the whi staff.

I may be overreacting, but I don't think I am. WHI was for me a place where I could be myself away from scams, bots, pedophiles and sexual content but that is now taken away from me. I don't want WHI to become the new instagram or tumblr. What's next? These bots will have normal names, post more exposing pictures or maybe even start messaging users and all we can do about that is only protect ourselves by blocking them, while the rest of the users will be exposed to them due to WHI not having a report feature. All I can say is stay safe and be careful.

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