Hey guys I'm so sorry i haven't been on here I wrote two articles then got sidetracked with everything in my life the good the bad and the dirty so let me catch you up!!


Recently in the past two months i met a guy on call of duty. We started talking outside the game and things picked up pretty quickly we fell in love very fast and now were engaged!! We have been looking for a place so soon i will be moving to West Virginia. We both want to settle down and if we find a place soon hopefully by the end of August: then we will try for a baby. I could go on all day about how special he is and all the amazing things he does for me and how he never fails to make me feel beautiful special and loved. I'm the only woman in his eyes. And I can't wait to be his wife!

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Recently I've been laid off from my current job, so i tried social media selling which is definitely challenging and something i love. to have the chance to work from home whenever i want and how much its amazing!
So if you ever are in need of amazing products hair or skincare hit me up we have everything from stuff to kids, pets, frizzy hair. The one thing i love is that it works for black women as well! I really want my hair to grow as long as possible and be healthy and Monat is great for that!

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Black Lives Matter

Seeing everything in the media is definitely difficult as a black women. I've been using my Instagram and twitter to educate others. Systematic racism is something I've known has been there ever since I was little I've signed petitions and gone out and protested and even donated as much as i can, anything helps.

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So everything I've told you has kind of seem up so your probably wondering where's the bad and dirty well besides fighting for my own right, Ive had a stalker. So for the last 3 months i had repped for a small shop on twitter. My now close friend had said oh I'm weary of her because she's not a mom (she's talking about me) which is fair you really cant trust everyone and mom twitter is WEIRD. Well she said that to the owner of the shop and the owner like turned on my post notifications everywhere stalked my social media talked about me constantly, borderline obsessed , then had people on twitter who lived closer to me ask to meet up with me to see if everything i post is true! now during my time as a rep i didn't know any of this i thought we were cool! And she wanted to promote me to brand ambassador so i thought Great!, well she then retracted her statement saying i post too MUCH BLACK LIVES MATTER on my timeline and she was upset that she couldn't control what i posted so she said she couldn't have me as ambassador i immediately was upset this was human rights! Once again I'm facing racism, my now close friend who passes as white everyone knows she is black was also going to be removed from this shop. i proceeded to call her out on twitter and she resorts to sending me a scare threat message that i had been reported to the police. AND SHE WANTS TO SAY SHE'S NOT RACIST??? She then used her many tactics to try to turn my friends against me, but i had all the proof of what she said to me. Things got so bad i went into an anxiety attack and couldn't breathe was hyperventilating and had the worst of migraines any movement made me want to puke. This was a great lesson to not trust everyone and to be careful this person had my address so things could have been definitely worse but I'm so lucky Ive had my fiancé and my friends along the way.
This is my post for the week and i will go back to posting every other Tuesday, thank you for understanding

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