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- learning something new consumes you until you find everything about it

- always carrying books in languages that no one else understands

- thinks they are better than you and probably are

- cold fingers and colder gazes

- dress exclusively in vintage, all in tweed or tartan

- you remain an enigma

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- creating revision notes that look like art work

- marble busts of Greek philosophers

- study playlist filled with Frédéric Chopin's pieces of music

- will debate about Plato and Aristotle antagonism on theory of Forms anytime

- wearing beige trench coats from fall to spring

- sick of knowing the right answer

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- notebooks filled with scattered calculations and formulas

- loves the feeling of puzzle pieces fitting together when you resolve a math problem

- that particular scent went you enter the chemistry lab

- staring through the microscope for so long that your vision becomes blurry when you finally look away

- walking around with the lab coat unbuttoned so it flows behind you like a cape

- amazed by the smallness of humanity, and the vastness of existence

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- calls their friends nerds and then studies for 12 hours

- bad sleep schedule : how are you going to make perfect poetry if you are not sleep deprived?

- doesn’t bond with professors

- loving movies that have the mad scientist character

- graphic t-shirts with oxford shoes and button ups with chuck taylors

- just trying to stay alive

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- write and recite poetry in the dark

- dried flowers as bookmarks

- likes Sufjan Stevens a lot

- the inherent romanticism of handwritten letters

- berets are your favorite accessories

- always leave little notes to people you love, you just can't help it

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- letting anyone copy your notes if they ask, but they're the messiest notes ever

- education is a means not an end

- never seen without combat boots

- reading classics while listening to Misfits

- fingers stained with nicotine and black ink

- never afraid to fight against the system, never afraid to fight for somebody's rights

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- rewatching Maurice at seven am for the eleventh time and for the eleventh time, you're crying

- twirly handwriting

- reading Jane Austen on a picnic blanket in the park

- spilling your deepest secrets to the bird at your windowsill

- drowning sweaters and skirts all the time

- filled with wonder

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- you always bring your date to art exhibits

- drawings in the margin of essays

- you have ever fallen in love with a portrait in a museum

- sensitive to high-energy people

- c a r d i g a n s

- looking for beauty in everything

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- reading plays by lamplight after your partner falls asleep

- the best feeling is to lay down the cold floor of the theatre stage while the seats are empty

- you wrote a dozen of plays but never finished any of them

- memorizing your favorites shakespearian lines

- loves to wear corduroy blazers to acting classes

- exchanging monologues with your friends; suddenly, out of nowhere, ones starts to quote a line and the rest of the group continues reciting

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- you have read Frankenstein 847638 times

- conspicuous hickeys

- visit cemeteries just to admire graveyard sculptures

- have no idea of what to wear in summer

- school dress code is the most stupid thing

- you argue with the author while reading

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I hope you enjoyed reading this, it's different from what i usually do but it's good to try different things.

But I just wanted to specify this : you don't have to put yourself in a box at all costs! This article is just listing the main personalities and interests that you can find in the dark academia field. Everyone is welcome in this aesthetic no matter what your religion is, where you come from, your personality or your sexuality. Dark academia is not only for ivy league/ rich elite students. Don't feel pressured to conform to a certain standard. Whitman said :

“I contradict myself. I am large… I contain multitudes”
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Wanna read Sappho while hardcore punk rock music plays in the background ? Great. Wanna drink energy drinks in an expensive whiskey glass ? Fine too. Wanna wear combat boots under a romantic skirt ? Do whatever you want to; mix your aesthetics.

You can check it as well :)