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No matter if fantasy or Science Fiction it what you are writing, some characters usually possess one of the four main Elemental Powers (Air, Water, Earth and Fire) but not all who write about them show their true potential or open it to other bases (like the type of characters). So I just wanted to write four different articles talking about all the power one element can possess, it’s many strength and weakness you can use to form your characters.

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Air is one of the most underestimated elements of them all. It usually always follow its stereotype: calm and gentle characters, who are playful and outgoing and uses its power mainly to fly. But, honestly, Air is one of the most villainous powers between the four main ones (even more than the usual fire).

Personality traits that complete this element are: calm, flexible, unstable, quiet, fast thinker, sentimental, easy to enrage… These adjectives are easily used to describe the villain of a story, and we all know that the calmest enemy is the most dangerous.

Air is dangerous and easy to manipulate into dark forms. We could even say air can control much more than one element. Compared to other elements, no matter where you could be, air will always be around you and that’s an advantage you can use against your opponent.

These are some ways to use the element of Air:

  • Flying
  • Use the wind to impulse yourself to run faster.
  • Unbalance your opponent. No matter how heavy or light they may be, they will always be light as a feather for the Wind.
  • Use it as a shield. Just push away what they are throwing at you.
  • No need for eyes or ears, just sense them through their movements against the air. Every time someone moves, we move the air with us. This can also be useful when dogging.
  • Weather change. Sometimes tornadoes are the best solution.
  • If you are in a cold area or you are trapped in no heat place, just create warm air to warm your body. You can easily do it when exhaling.

Let’s go a bit more drastic:

  • If you are faced against an army or you're (objective) is far away, just suck out the air of their lungs. They will die in less than 5 minutes from no oxygen entering their blood.
  • If they send a robotic army or enemy, don’t worry, if you concentrate enough the strength of the air or wind can crush them to pieces or at least slowly unattached parts of their system.
  • Redirect what they send to you, change the direction the attack is coming to. No matter if just aside or directly backfire your opponent.
  • Breath underwater or create a way through the water (Moises Style).
  • Manipulate any element, you may not have the possibility of creating them from midair, but you can easily move them around. Water and fire are easy, however, air can’t detach a piece of the earth directly from the soil, but if there are random big rocks around that will be easier to move.
  • If you breathe a cold breath against the water you can freeze it.
  • And there are so many more…

But, even though it has many types of attacks and could easily win a war, air manipulators become tired easily. There power uses a lot of and if overused they can lose control and kill themselves on accident or someone near them. For example, if they create are tornado but they abuse their power and make one way too big they can lose force and complete control of the hurricane.

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I hope this has help you to inspire you to write an incredible character.
Write you soon.
With Love, Me

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