What is an HBCU?

Historically black colleges and universities are institutions of higher education in the United States that were established before the Civil Rights Act of 1964 with the intention of primarily serving the African-American community.
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Why should I join one?

Well in my opinion, I feel like HBCU's offer African Americans and foreign students the opportunity to be around people who share the same culture as you. As a black girl like myself find it hard to fit in especially when I don't see people who look like me or has the same culture as me. HBCU's also offer opportunities to black girls and boys who want to understand more about the black culture, how black people fit into society and much more.

What schools are HBCU?

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Howard University
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Spelman College (all girls)
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Hampton University
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Morehouse College
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North Carolina A&T State University.
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Tuskegee University.

Do I have to join an HBCU?

No. It's your choice :) This article is just a fraction of information about HBCU's. If you are looking into applying to one, make sure you research, ask alumni's or active students, call the school to schedule a tour!

That's all! I might make a series on this. Depends on how many hearts this gets. Anyways byeee~

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