Hey guys, so I don't know about you guys but I am still self quarantining just because I know that it is best for me and my family. While doing so, I have had time to binge-watch youtube (obviously) and find some new people to appreciate.

1. Azlia Williams

azlia williams image
Azlia is freaking amazing. She is soo chill and is such a fun person like there is no way that you are not gonna love her. She posts hair care videos, self care, vlogs, music playlists, option videos, q&a's, fitness videos, and other videos too. She is very inspirational, especially since she is an 18-year-old entrepreneur who is independent and is not afraid to show it.

2. Aliyah Simone

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Aliyah is kind of similar to Azlia. They both live in NC and are very independent (they are also good friends). I love Aliyah's sense of humor and sarcasm, it really makes her stand out from other YouTubers. She posts trendy videos, while also being original. I really appreciate how she always brings awareness to what is happening in the world as well.

3. LexiVee03
So I couldn't find a photo of lexi here on Weheartit, but she is 17 years old and is really fun. She makes vlogs, challenges, mukbangs, hair videos, grwm's, and viral videos.

4. Niki Demartino

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Niki is just a queen, I'm just saying. I don't know why it has taken me so long to realize this for as long as I've been watching her and her sister. But I love her confidence, her style, and I really respect the journey that she has gone through to find herself and her personal style.

5. Chloe Yazmean

christian, youtube, and chloe yazmean image
Chloe is a gorgeous, Christian youtube who makes videos based on hygiene. She does have some sit down videos where she sits down and just has genuine conversations about Christ. I can honestly say that by watching her, it has encouraged me to resume my spiritual journey and find myself as an individual and as a Christian. I love her.

6. Carly Sarah

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Carly is that girl, i don't care. She is such a baddie and she just seems really confident and like she would be such a good friend. She makes Fashionova try on videos, music playlists, makeup, and others.

Hope you guys take the time and look these ladies up. I'm pretty sure you will be happy that you did. Stay safe guys!