[day 30 // June 30, 2020]

"make a list of all the good things happened during this 30 days"*

completing this article of the 30 Day Writing Challenge!
book, vintage, and aesthetic image girl, hair, and beauty image
spending time and being more comfortable with my boyfriend
Temporarily removed beautiful, kiss, and perfect couple image
my summer job work starting and getting back on that grind
books, study, and work image study, college, and school image
watching and finishing the avatar, one of my favorite tv shows now!
avatar the last airbender and atla image avatar, zuko, and suki image
being able to get takeout food now in my state
best friends, besties, and bffs image food image
spending time at the beach with my parents
accesories, beachwear, and bikini image beach, bikini, and girl image
sending letters and getting gifts from my best friend back home
envelope and Letter image Temporarily removed
the amount of activism this whole month, it has always been time for a big social change.
black lives matter image revolution, black and white, and mask image
practicing gratitude and meditating more
Inspiring Image on We Heart It georgia heath image
that i only have two months until i see my friends again back on campus!
friends image skateboard, friends, and grunge image
my brother got a dog and i'm just happy that there's a dog in our family now, even though he lives far away
dog, cute, and adidas image boy, dog, and kfashion image