Name :Naomi Shanae Parker
Age/Birthday:21 (Febuary.12,1999)


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For the most part she is very confident even though her body is something that she struggles with even though a lot of people in her life try to convince her that she is beautiful.She has super curly hair that she loves to switch out from time to time and she has the overall typical Instagram model look.


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Even though she struggles financially she try's to dress the best she can and this is pretty similar to how she decides to dress. She try's to maintain the image that she has some type of money to her family.


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She is very wild and outgoing, has smart mouth, and is filled with attitude. She can be intimidating at times but she is very chill super funny and loves to be herself and is very open about who she is.


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Naomi's story has a lot of ups and downs and twists and turns. She's a 21 year old stripper that just wants to make it out of the streets of Chicago. Losing her older brother to the streets and having to take care of her grandmother and little sister made her have to start dancing in order to make a source of income. Her parents were both drug addicts that left her with her grandmother when she was 8. Her ex boyfriend who was a drug dealer and abusive is also obsessed with he and find any way he can to make her life harder. Her story touches on subjects such as rape,abuse,suicide,and drug abuse.