Okay, one thing you might get to learn about me is that I love to travel. I've been traveling since the day I was born, and I went to Canada twice in my lifetime (Hoping to visit some more in the distant future). Once as a baby and another time at 21 years old. Anyways, Canada is the most cleanliness and beautiful place to visit. You would not regret visiting this lovely country as I did. I love it and want to go back there again. So, let me share my most favorites places to visit are while you are there:
~ Rogers Centre home of the Toronto Blue Jay's baseball team. When we went there, it was off-season, so next time probably go when the season is going on. (Never much went to a baseball game but hopeful of adding it on one of my bucket lists to enjoy a game)
~Ripley's Aquarium of Canada. Like everywhere else, you have marine life; my folks did not want to go there because we went to the ones in Tennessee and South Carolina. (I like aquariums sue me I born by the ocean, so I like marine-life)
~Toronto Railway Museum. Don Station is a gift shop and train station (beautiful, I may say). You can tour the different trains that use to move around in Toronto and Ontario. (We went there because my little brother loves trains)
~The CN Tower. You can tour the tower, eat at the 360 restaurants (must make reservations), observe the city on the SkyPod, or do edge walk along the top of the building. (Did not get to Edgewalk of the building, very upset about that but will go if I get the opportunity)
~ And finally Canada's Wonderland to me it's better than Six Flags in America. It's located in Vaughan, Ontario; it's apart of Toronto's Attractions. Very reasonable in ticket prices I'll tell you, and if you are military, you get a generous discount there for the family and can come again one-day free pass. There is a total of 70 attractions ride along with 17 roller coaster, and 11 water rides. My brother and I ride the majority of all the scary coasters, such as Leviathan, Thunder Run, Vortex, Behemoth, Backlot Stunt Coaster, Wilde Beast, and more. If you are not a daredevil like me, then there are simple rides there like Swing of the Century, Timberwolf Falls, White Water Canyon, and plenty more.

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