1. Retail Therapy ( emotional Shopping)

I don't think it works tbh. For some people, it might but buying clothes is not going to solve real-life problems that has nothing to do with clothes. This might be okay with people who are at a financial advantage but for most of us, with an average salary, I don't think it's the best approach.

2. Subscribing to the newsletter

Sometimes when you visit websites, they will ask you for your email and they will start sending you limited coupons and offers to get you hooked. They are rather distracting because you open a your mail app to check for important emails but instead you end up clocking on the newsletter and buy something that wasn't necessary. Waste of time and money.

3. Buying clothes for one-time usage

I am guilty of this...lol. This mostly happens when I find out I have a social occasion to go to and I have nothing to wear. Then I quickly go shopping and buy something extra to wear to that event. Then it never gets touched. Renting or borrowing from friends is a much better approach to this problem because one, you are being more sustainable and two, you are saving money.

4. Buying on Sale

I am not against sales but the problem it brings is that you don't love the item and you just end up buying it because it looks okay and its 90 percent off. It's only going to cost you like $10. If you are not going to wear it then that $10 is a waste. Don't buy things just because they are on sale. Buy them because you love them. it sparks joy in you as Marie Kondo said.

5. Buying from fast fashion

Fast fashion is controversial because some of us don't have the luxury to buy from ethical stores that are expensive. Some stores that claim to be ethical arent actually that ethical. So, there's a lot to developed and research. Even if you are going to buy from a high-end store, Make sure the fabric is long-lasting and it fits you very well.

6. Buying for future self

I have also done this. I would buy things I imagine myself wearing and then I don't even like the way it fits me. Telling myself that I will wear this once I lose 5 pounds or look fitter is not that realistic. It makes me feel self-conscious and its a very uncomfortable feeling overall. Some people might use it to motivate themselves but I would rather buy something that fits me now and I can wear it as soon as possible. Just a personal preference.

7. Buying the same clothes over and over

Just because you really like wearing denim that doesn't mean you need 10 pairs. I would say, buy like maybe 2 or 3 and wear them as much as you can. You might actually end up gabbing the same worn-out comfortable one anyways so there's no point having that many.

8. Buying something because you saw your fav model/ influencer wear it

You need to understand that they are most likely promoting those clothes for advertisement. Sometimes they get them for free. They look very trendy and then the style is gone. Again, Buy them because it's your style and you like the way it looks on you, not on someone else. You are not that person.

9. Buying at stores with a bad return policy

Some stores have like 7 days return policy and I wonder why. Sometimes stores don't have fitting rooms or even if they do have fitting rooms, its all lit up and the lights make you glow. Sometimes they use mirrors that create a more slimming effect...(conspiracy). When you try on the clothes at home, it might not look the same or spark that excitement when you tried it on at the store. If that's the case, then you should make sure that the store has a generous return or exchange policy just in

10. Buying clothes that don't suit our lifestyle.

Lol, this is me. if you work at a corporate job and then you go out sometimes then you are good with some casual and workwear clothes because that's your lifestyle. on the other hand, if you go to a lot of events and traveling a lot. then, buy clothes that are appropriate for those events. don't buy alto of dresses or any type of clothes that you know will not be used.