Hi lovelies! Today I'm going to talk about my favorite sports related/useful thing all related to sport. Not only for clothes but also equipment as bag and band! Hope you’ll enjoy it and I also hope that it will give you some ideas :)!!

First: booty band: super useful to activate your glutes and to train them!

adidas, resistance band, and fitness image

second : under armour short: MY FAVORITE SHORT to train with. They are AMAZING. Could not recommend them enough. Plus, they are not seen through!

relax, chill, and girl image

Third: lululemon legging: yes, i only have one pair of these but they are definitely my favorite. Even when i’m not training.

Abusive image

Fourth: sport bag with place for shoes: at my gym, we are obligated to wear shoes that are clean and different from the one that we wear when i arrive (I have to leave my shoes at the entrance, and go to my locker with my socks). So for my bag gym, a place for my shoes is what I always check.

nike, black, and bag image

Fifth: a sporty hoodi to train with when it’s cold at the gym or outside.

purple and hoodie image

Thanks for reading, I love writing articles about what I love and that article is all about that. Love you all:))