hi guys ! i've already written this article but it was on my old we heart it page and i wanted to do an other one, u know to update it. i hope u will enjoy it because i know this is gonna be fun !

my aesthetic:

quotes, courage, and fear image aesthetic, angels, and art image waffles, soft, and food image fashion, girl, and vintage image Image by eternaldreams food, noodles, and اكل image
'inhale courage. exhale fear.'

movie character aesthetic:

harry james potter // Harry Potter

black, grey, and harry potter image harry potter, eyes, and glasses image harry potter and quidditch image harry potter, james potter, and family image harry potter, sirius black, and sirius image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
'time will not slow down when something unpleasant lies ahead.'
gif and harry potter image

cartoon character aesthetic:

Rick Sanchez // Rick And Morty

engineering image background, cool, and i don't care image Image removed Temporarily removed king, peasant, and me image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
'i don't do magic Morty. I do science. one takes brain, the other one takes dark eyeliner.'
funny, rick, and rick and morty image

netflix series character aesthetic:

Jj Maybank // Outer Banks

aesthetic, best friends, and forever image gold bullion image Temporarily removed gun and tumblr image Abusive image spliff image
'dude, i wasn't taking little mental polaroids during the entire time. man, i was under duress!'
gif, outer banks, and jj maybank image

album aesthetic:

sweetener // Ariana Grande

ariana grande image clouds, sky, and white image sweetener, ariana grande, and ariana grande lyrics image draw, dreamy, and angel image Image by 𝑵 health, positive, and positivity image
'oh why'd you have to be so cute? it's impossible to ignore you'
Temporarily removed

favorite song aesthetic:

7 rings // Ariana Grande

money, pink, and grunge image Image removed 7 rings, quotes, and ariana grande image dress, pink, and sister image Temporarily removed Image by ☀capybaralover☀
'got my receipts be looking like phone numbers.'
cool, fashion, and gif image

someone who exists in real life aesthetic:

art image ballet image fashion, white, and aesthetic image perfume, vintage, and nails image shoes, fashion, and beauty image quotes, motivation, and life image
'the harder you work for something, the greater you'll feel when you finally achieve it.'

i hope you guys enjoyed reading this article because it was so cool to make ! see ya :)