Hi loves! If you read the title you’re probably interested to know what I mean by who should accept an apology, so today I’m going to get right into it. This is the second article in my series “let’s talk about it” in which I spill the tea, vent, and hopefully give you guys a new perspective.

So, apologies, we all know what they are. They’re somebody admitting that they did something wrong and seeking forgiveness from those that they offended. Recently, we’ve seen a new wave of “notes app” apologies and sit-down youtube cry sessions where celebrities and “influencers” talk about how they’re sorry for doing something (ususally extremely offensive) and how they won’t do it again. I think we all know about this and I don’t need to give too much detail so I’ll jump right into who should be able to accept these apologies.

The answer is the people that were offended, and nobody else. For example, let’s say we live in a world where everyone has to wear a hat of multiple different colors. If someone with a blue hat says something offensive to people with pink hats on and they apologize, it’s only for the people that they offended (the people with pink hats) to accept this apology. Not the blue hats. Not the green hats. Not the sparkly diamond-encrusted purple hats. Just the pink hats. That makes sense and is easy enough to understand right?

Well the problem is we live in a world where people are accepting apologies that aren’t theirs to accept. Sometimes people don’t realize that they’re doing this but my point is that it invalidates the people that were targeted and offended when this happens. I’ll go into more detail about this in later episodes of my podcast as well as cancel culture but until then I hope I shed some light on this topic, and gave you a new perspective. ♡

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Until next time I love you and please stay safe and healthy x :)