I'm back at it again!

I finished watching the season a few days ago and my brain is still stuffed with thoughts about the show so I'm letting them out. Please keep in mind that this is not a review but a commentary, where I'll be sharing my personal opinion and thoughts about the season. I'm also not a professional on any of the matters discussed, so don't take my word as sacred.

Unlike the last time, I decided not to take notes... so it might be a bit less accurate, let's go!


Please don't read this if you haven't watched or finished the show, a spoiler-free life is better, I promise.

Season 3 Commentary... (▼)


I only started to enjoy and like the season from episode 7. The first 6 episodes where a nightmare, to be honest, I don't even know why I kept watching them. Well... probably because of some characters.

The end was really nice tho, the only thing I'd change is them burying Brice's tape too (or something like it), both he and Monty deserved a clean ending too.

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There are a few that stuck with me. First, the way kids are "handled". Police, cameras, tracking devices, shooting drills, etc.. They did an extremely well-done job at showcasing them, especially in the scene where Clay gets taken down after the shooting drill (I gasped!).

Kids are kids. Teenagers are still kids. No matter what they do, they're still kids. Instead of searching for ways to control them, shouldn't society start asking why are they out of control? We got a messed up society that we did not create, therefore, we lost it. That's what needs to be fixed, not "the kids".

Second, silence. Justin died because of silence. He was afraid to speak up, to ask questions, to search for help. He was ashamed to. And I can't say I am or act any different. Our brains were trained to go that way. We are more afraid of what people might think about STIs/STDs tests, mental health disorders diagnosis, addictions, etc. than of what they really are, and it shouldn't be like that.

Third, school is something that must be survived. I actually told this to my mom once, my brother backed me up, and she didn't believe it. Here where I live the situation isn't half as bad as in the US, but you still need to survive it, and I'm sure most countries are like that too. There's a hierarchy, people you can't mess up with, people you want as allies, places you can be in, please you want to stay away from, untold rules... yet, most of us make it out alive.

If you're reading this as a high school student full of pain and hardships, please, believe me. It looks awful from the inside, but it ends. Just put one foot in front of the other and it will eventually end.

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• Zach

My fave (sorry Clay). I've been liking Zach since forever but he won my heart by the end of S3 and during this whole season.

To me, he seems like one of the few with his head on the right place, he knows how to differentiate between black, white and grey; which is what most of them can't do.

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• Tyler

He really really really really deserves a standing ovation. The way he goes through this season is just woahhhhhh.

I believe I kept watching the show mostly because of him and Zach, just to know what happens with them.

• Clay

Oh man, I just wanted to go and help him. The only reason behind him ending so messed up is his friends putting a ridiculous amount of weight onto his shoulders without even turning back to see if he could hold it.

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• Alex

After the 3rd season, I said that he should pay for what he did and I still believe it, but I also feel good with the way they character evolved. I have nothing against him even if he stays where he is. But someone else shouldn't be paying for something he did.

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• Justin

He stole the show. Hands down.

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• Ani

I don't like her. I didn't before and I won't in the future.

• Jessica

She confuses me, that's all I can say.

Fave scene

I don't think I have one, altho there were some good ones.

But I do have fave moments/quotes:

1) When Clay's therapist/doctor tells him his own story and how all we can do is "try" and "begin".

2) Zach's speech at Justin's funeral.

"...Coach Kerba would tell him that pain is the feeling of weakness leaving the body. But we're all weak, I think. But we're trying to be stronger. And the pain that we are feeling today... is to remind us every day... to do better. To be better."

Well, that's it!
If you read the whole thing THANK YOU SO MUCH, I know it was long.

Have a lovely day (or night),
LR. x

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