Since a month now, I'm running once/twice a week. My cardio has always been bad, so my goal is to be able to run quicker and longer.

For the first time yesterday I ran my first 5km :) so here's a little guide to inspire and motivate you to do the same !

1 / Be proud of yourself for every run, especially the first one

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I ran 15min the first time, I couldn't breath anymore, it was sooo hard. But the key is to congratulate yourself for the run. The first one is always the most difficult one. Be proud of you for putting on your shoes this morning / evening, be proud to have run the best you can today ! Positive self talk is what keeps me going, I think !

2/ Start at your own rhythm

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At first, I was running to fast, so this is why I couldn't run more than 15 minutes. But then, I start to run very slowly, so I was able to breathe and talk during the run. This is how I went to 15min, to 20min, and then 30min ! One thing that helped me was to realize that if you're listening to music it's possible that you'll run faster depending on the rhythm of the song. So be careful to keep the same speed.

3/ keep track of your progress and share it with your friends

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My friends and family are very supportive so this is motivating me a lot to share my progress with them ! Also I'm using the Nike Run Club app to keep track of my run.

4/ Allow yourself to feel unmotivated

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Sometimes there's day you just feel unmotivated, or even sad, and the idea of running is really too much. Allow yourself to rest, to take time for yourself. Maybe you can try to replace your run session with something easier, like a calm yoga class and some meditation. But don't use this as an excuse every time. There's day motivation will not be enough and you'll learn to be self disciplined. Just do what feels good for your body and mind. Trust yourself and honor your emotions.

5 / Find motivation

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You can motivate yourself by creating a fitness / running collection on we heart it. By wearing your favorite fitness clothes. By following some fitgirl instagram account that really inspire you. Or by running with a group of friends, or your family, even your dog !

6 / Do a little more every time you run

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If you start by running 15min, try to run 20 min the next time, then 25min, then 30min etc. Now that I'm able to run 40 min at a very slow speed, I'll try next time to run a little faster but only 20 min.

7 / don't forget to stretch !

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For some stretching can be the boring part of a workout, but personally I Iove to take some time after my run to do some yoga to stretch the muscles. It's also very important, it helps to avoid muscular aches.

8 / Take pictures

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This can be motivating to take pictures after every run / workout to see the physicals results and to have some memories too. This can also motivate you the next time you're not feeling in the mood to run.

9/ Water water water

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This might seems silly but don't forget to drink water, not only when you're working out, but EVERY HOUR of your day. This is the secret drink to keep your body in shape. Every morning I'm now used to drink a glass of water, it's my new coffee, I can't start my day correctly without my glass of water.

10 : Have F U N

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Never feel obliged to run, to loose calories, or to be fit. Run because you love it. I love running because of the feeling of deep satisfaction I have at the end of a run, because I love listening to music while running, and because I love how my body feels after a run. If you find no joy in it, maybe try some cardio fitness workout on YouTube, there's so much different ways to move your body ! Find your favorite !

This is it guys ! I hope this inspire and motivate some of you to go for a run RIGHT NOW, or to start again after years and years without running. Always remember how capable you are ! You may not be able to run 5K in just a month or even in three, but always remember this :

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Here is my fitness we heart it collection :

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Sending you love and light !