Hey! Today I decided to merge two of my passions: Disney and astrology !!!
For this article I am going to assign an atrological sign only to PRINCESSES disney (disney heroines will come later).
Disclaimer โš ๏ธ : this is only my opinion

before some definitions:
-sun sign โ˜ผ: this is supposed to represent who you really are
-the ascendant: this is supposed to represent the image you refer to others

Jasmine: Aries

aesthetic, aladdin, and beauty image aesthetic, aries, and astrology image tiger, animal, and sleep image blue and vase image
โ†’ Jasmine is very brave (a typical aries quality) and selfless to loved one. Like a real aries she doesn't let others boss her around, she is headstrong, stubborn and doesn't trust easily. She also have a strong charatcer (there is nothing more Aries)

Cinderella: Taurus

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โ†’ There is no more hardworking and patient princess than Cinderella. For me she is a real Taurus, she : loves animal, is a little materalist, loves the routine and she is in love with love, a true characteristic of Taurus which is ruled by Venus the planet of love

Megara: Gemini

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โ†’ Megara has a lot of Gemini character traits: she is provocative,, adaptable (2 faces), hipocritical, she has dark humour but she also have a lot of Gemini's quality like: sociability and intelligence (hich is not surprising considering that the Gemini are directed by mercury the planet of the intellectual and the reflection) but above all she does a lot for those she loves

Ariel sun sign: Gemini
ascending sign: Sagittarius

Temporarily removed aesthetic, astrology, and gemini image the one, kiera cass, and the selection image mermaid, blue, and ocean image Sagittarius, zodiac, and astrology image dress, pink, and princess image
โ˜ผโ†’ itโ€™s hard to get more gem than someone as curious, sociable, adaptable,communicative and Gemini as Ariel, she has the ability to learn quickly from Gemini but also its intelligence and its indecision ACโ†’ she sends back a very Sagittarius image to others who see her as someone who loves adventures and finding new things, hates rules and is wanderlest


Temporarily removed aesthetic, astrology, and cancer image Image by princess_rozetta Image by princess_rozetta
โ†’ what is more Cancer than a person as emotional, affectionate, sympathetic and imaginetive as anna. But she unfortunately inherited the very naive and capricious side of Cancer because of the Moon (the planet which directs it) which is the symbol of childhood, the dream and the influenceability

Merida sun sign: Leo

hair, sac, and haare image aesthetic, astrology, and Leo image arrow, forest, and black and white image bear, animal, and nature image
โ†’ no surprise coming from a fire sign she is a leader, she is strong willed, honest; but more specific to Leo, she is brave (lol), rebellious, confident and she has a heart of gold. This sign directed by the sun likes to be the star in the middle of the dust and is master of its destiny

Snow white: virgo

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โ†’Like a real virgo, Snow white is super caring, innocent and protective, loves to help other, just like the Gemini its planet is Mercury the planet of reflection and the intellectual, which explains his manic and collected side, who likes order .

Pocohontas: Libra

lake and water image Libra, zodiac, and astrology image indian, tent, and photography image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
โ†’Pocohontas has got a lot of Libra's quality: she is independant, free, gracious, non compliant, diplomatic and faiir minded. But she also has the faults of Libra like being undecided, over think. She doesn't run after love but once she finds it, she's a romantic (which is very "Libra")

Elsa: scorpio

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โ†’Do you know someone more mysterious, badass, passionate and independent than a Scorpion or Elsa? not me. She inherited the protective and closed-off aspect of Scorpio. Pluto, the planet which directs the Scorpion makes it more confident and carismatic. Which makes her calm until you make her mad

Mulan sun sign: scorpio
ascending sign: aries

girl image scorpio, zodiac, and aesthetic image aesthetic, details, and indie image sword image aesthetic, aries, and astrology image abroad, japan, and international image
โ˜ผโ†’ Mulan is sensible, passionate, protective, clumsy but she is also badass, quite rebellious, loyal and driven which is typical scorpio ACโ†’ outside Mulan looks like an Aries cause she looks brave; not afraid of trial and risk, has a lot of energy and walking head first


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โ†’Kida is a real sagittarius! She is courageous, independant, curious, idealistic, confident,seekier,helpful and she has a great sense of humour

Moana sun sign: sagittarius
ascending sign: aquarius

aesthetic, curly, and hair image Sagittarius, zodiac, and astrology image Image by Pnk MoOn blue, sea, and ocean image aesthetic, aquarius, and astrology image disney, moana, and heart image
โ˜ผโ†’ Adventurous and courageous, like her sign Moana is a dreamer. Sagittarius like her are curious,confident, independant and curious AC โ†’ moana seems as unique, enigmatic as the sign that has the most the will to make the world a better place and who likes the least rules: Aquarius

Tiana: capricorne

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โ†’for me we can not imagine more realistic, ambitious, hard working, mature, focused - so Capricorn - than Tiana.saturn, The dominant planet of capricorn gives it its cold appearance at first sight

Belle: Aquarius

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โ†’like Aquarius, Belle is not one to follow the crowd or care about what people think, she is a free thinker, she is unique, selfless, cheerful, there is no more progressive and intellectual heroine disney than Belle


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โ†’like the character of Pisces, Rapunzel is empathy, intuitive, easy-going and friendly; Thanks to Neptune, imprint, on one side of an extreme softness, and on the other of a certain duplicity (one side that can be influenced and elusive)

Aurora sun sign: pisces
ascending sign: libra

spinning wheel image astrology, pisces, and aesthetic image girl image art, Best, and flowers image Libra, zodiac, and astrology image castle and architecture image
โ˜ผโ†’Aurora is probably th most pisces princess, like her signe she is sensitive, empathy, kind'hearted, friendly easy going, romantic and naive ACโ†’ Aurore reflect the image of a sweet, intelligent princess, who loves everyone and who values โ€‹โ€‹harmony. She also has the grace of Libra

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