I never thought I would have to write this, I thought we would have forver. But because plans change here are some things I learned from loving him. Support him and his career no matter how much it scares you, he is so passionate about it. His car is his baby. If he wants to work on it and asks if you want to help, say yes. Those memories are so precious, along with going to car shows. Watching the person you love become passionate about something is so wonderful to be able to experience. Communicate how you're feeling even if it's hard, he is so patient and loving. He loves to shop so going to new malls will always be an adventure you can count on. He is very tough on the outside but such a teddy bear on the inside. I'm sure you already know that though. He will love you with all his heart and soul. He has the sweetest soul. Remember to kiss his cute dimple. Lay on his tummy while he plays video games or somewhere near to watch him play. (Even though he's terrible.) His family will take you in as their own, always show them kindess and love. Learn from my mistakes. Don't take anything for granted, always put in as much effort as you can, communciate your feelings, and love him like today is your last day alive. Thank you for taking care of him. I wish I had done a better job while I had the chance.