men are in fact a disappointment. enjoy songs to make you feel like a bad bitch

✭ rip by olivia o'brien

aesthetic, black and white, and rose image quotes, red, and sad image love, boy, and quotes image quotes, sad, and grunge image
you don't make time like you used to got a new girl, new friends, brand new

✭ boys ain't shit by saygrace'

Temporarily removed cartoon, feelings, and mood image heartbreak, pink, and vintage image boy, girl, and ugh image
'cause you know i'll come right back when you don't even write back

✭ just a boy by olivia o'brien

fashion, off the shoulder, and player image quotes, heart, and aesthetic image
you're just a boy, baby, what did i expect? ain't got no fuckin' respect? oh, no, yeah ✭ no scrubs by tlc
quotes, feelings, and mood image aesthetic, deep, and graffiti image
no, i don't want no scrubs a scrub is a guy that can't get no love from me

✭ you & jennifer by bülow

aesthetic, broken, and heartbreak image aesthetic, alternative, and lust image quotes, Dream, and sad image aesthetic, Devil, and heartbreak image
go pretend that you're just friends i'll pretend that i'm not hurt

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