as a game of thrones fan, here i will explain why Arya Stark is my favorite character of all time (I will try to ignore the ending of GOT in my analysis as much as possible )

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1. her courage

This is undeniable. Arya would not shrink from any threat. Not only is she a survivor, she is a true soldier whose courage does not diminish with the circumstances. "Not today", she says to death, "not today". She charges into the deadliest enemy, risking herself for a just cause.

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2. her tactic

She is an assassin, some might say. But she is calculated and precise, and harmless to the innocent. Arya had one goal: justice, and she pursued it with all her energy.

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She was resourceful and an attentive student, perfecting her skill through careful practice, and always seeking the best teachers. With these methods, there is no surprise that Arya would achieve her goals.

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3. her justice

Survival is the first task, the second is justice. In Game of Thrones, Arya is the symbol of justice. She vowed to revenge for the death of her family members, and she did. Arya aims straight for the evil ones, for Joffrey and Cersei and Littlefinger. When she learned the innocence of the Hound, she erases him from her list.

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4. her silence

Unlike many of the political voices in Game of Thrones (Daenarys, Tyrion, or Varys), Arya's ambition lies not in convincing anyone. She seldom speaks. She aims, she purges the world of evil, and she leaves ---- where to, no one knows. She is much needed in a society where her voice is never heard.

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Such humbleness is, to me, the truly great aspect of Arya Stark. Jamie got close to such greatness when he killed the mad king and beared the name "Kingslayer", but he is burdened by his service to Cersei, against whom his conscience loses, again and again.

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I will perhaps write some more on the people who inspire me (fictional or otherwise!)

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