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Harry Potter's playlist
I totally just copied and pasted this from my Tumblr (@/acci0drxrry) probably gonna do that with all my headcanons tbh
Harry had an emo phase, fight me--

Harry Potter's Playlist

—Oceans | Frank ireo

—Party hard | Andrew W.K.

—Boulevard of broken dreams | green day

—Party poison | my chemical romance

—Dead to me | drowning days

—smells like teen spirit | nirvana

—killing in the name | rage against the machine

—headfirst for halos | my chemical romance

—I never told you what I do for a living | my chemical romance

—all the small things | blink 182

—the middle | Jimmy eat world

—I miss you | blink 182

—lights out | mindfulness self indulgence

—throw away your television | the red hot chilli peppers

—mama | my chemical romance

—famous last words | my chemical romance

-punk rock princess | ???

—under the bridge | the red hot chilli peppers