New York has a population of 8 million and for you to stand out in the crowd and make a statement you need that secret sauce.

When you live in a big city "dress to impress" should be your everyday quote but figuring out a proper outfit that helps you always stand out can be a rather difficult task.

We all know that New York is the place where dreams come true and a unique fashion detail can take you places.

What do New Yorkers wear?
Before anything else, New Yorkers dress for comfort. However, they always try to have that one thing that will make them special.
Everyday commute, dirty streets, and rush hours are no strangers to a true New Yorker so comfort + uniqueness is the secret formula.

If you don't know where to start, here is our list of unique statement pieces that will make you a true star.

1. Red bag
A clutch, tote, backpack, whatever you find comfortable and suitable for your needs is a must for every woman, however, instead of the regular and casual black or white opt for a bold red. This will make any outfit look incredible and chic.

2. Hat and silk scarf
Hats and scarfs are most common in winter but a nice hat or silk scarf can make any outfit elegant. You can have one hat in neutral color and combine it with any outfit and always look elegant and put together. A silk scarf will add a touch to your powerful femininity and make you feel like a goddess.

3. Sunglasses and glasses
Sunglasses are a must for any fashionista. If you wear glasses than instead of the boring black frames opt for a unique designer frame that will fit perfectly with the lines of your face. Before making a decision try out as many possible options and don't be afraid to go bigger or experiment with materials.

4. Coat
Your coat is your second skin in the winter so make the most out of it. Depending on your personal style and preferences pick the one that describes your personality the best. If you are a fashionista go for colors and patterns, if you are conservative than ditch the regular black coat and go for a nice white or camel coat and so on. The bolder the color the bigger the statement.

5. Shoes
Every woman loves shoes but so many women always play it safe and go with the regular black. Next time when you are shopping forget about black shoes and pick a pair that has some unique features. That unique feature can be a small leopard print, bold color, small heel, interesting straps, and so on. It doesn't mean that it has to be comfortable if it is unusual.

6. Maxi dress
Maxi dresses are perfect for any time of the year and if you want to stand out in Manhattan this is the right way. In summer a maxi dress will keep you cool and you can pair it with anything from heels to slides and experiment with belts or other accessories. You can also wear it night and day and you will always look stylish. Here you can choose a neutral color and pair it with accessories or go with a bold color that will bounce from the hot pavement. In winter a maxi dress can go under any coat (make sure to buy long sleeves) and you can pair it with different coats and boots and every day you will have different combinations.

7. Pantsuit
The pantsuit has been very popular in the past years and there are many reasons for this. The pantsuit can be worn casually, in the office, for lunch, dinner, and even parties. Also, you can wear pants and blazer separately with other clothes. There is absolutely no reason why not to invest in a high quality pantsuit.

8. White shirt
A white shirt is a staple piece in every wardrobe, and you should have one. A white shirt will make the outfit instantly pop and look classy.

And that's it. We hope this list will help you and guide you on your next purchase.