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The face is the center part which draws many eyeballs with all its expressions. To keep it flawless and stunning, you obviously need to take the utmost care.

Needless to say, to grab the special attention you must follow certain prevention steps which could keep your face and skin beautiful and clear.

While there are many ingredients, things, and products you can use to enhance your skin texture. There are also things or products which could ruin the appearance of your skin.

These are some of the things you must avoid putting on your face in order to maintain a clear and flawless skin.

• Shampoo
Your hair and face are made of different molecules that's why you should never put shampoo on your face! Your face needs mild cleansers while your hair needs more strong ones. Shampoo acts harshly on our face because it contains strong and active chemicals that can make our skin dry,flaky and damaged. Therefore, ensure not to glide down shampoo over your face.

• Vinegar
Apple cider vinegar is known for its working wonders as a toner for your face but that doesn't mean you can use any kinds of vinegar over your skin!Using a vinegar that's been stocked on your shelf for a long time can be harsh and damaging on your skin. It's because vinegar has the ability to lose water over time and become more potent. That's why when you apply it on your skin it perhaps burns it and causes inflammation.

• Hot Water
While a steam facial could be great on your face providing multiple skin benefits but washing face with hot water could ruin your skin and can strip away the natural moisture of your outermost layer of skin.

If you think that hot water will actually kill bacteria, it's a total misconcepcion. Try to always use lukewarm water.

• Hair Dye/Color
Most of the people are already aware of the fact “to be careful while coloring your hair”.  Hair color is loaded with chemicals that could be harsh on your skin by damaging the outer layer of your face. While applying color to your hair, be cautious to not spread the color onto your face. For all who are want to color your eyebrows, try other feasible options such as using an eyebrow pencil, brow mascara or vegetable dyes. The hair color or so-called box dyes could irritate the skin around your eyes and make them burn

• Hair Spray
There are false allegations that hair spray can keep your makeup in place, just like how it sets your hair. But the point is, hair spray contains alcohol and lacquers that can dehydrate your skin making you look much older. Some sprays also contain repellents that could irritate your skin and cause inflammation. So, never spritz hairspray on your face.

• Body Lotion
If you think body lotion can moisturize the skin on your face then, you’re highly mistaken. Each part of your body requires different products. Body lotions are actually thick and heavily fragrant. When you slather your face with body lotion, it makes your skin more oily and prone to skin issues such as acne. Whereas your face always needs a mild, gentle cream which is delicate in nature. So, don’t use body lotions, body creams, or foot creams on your face.

• Hair Serum
All the skin or hair care products are formulated for a particular solution. You cannot mish mash the stuff. Just like all other skincare products, serums include different components for each different body area. Hair serums are formulated to treat hair shafts and scalp but not your pimples or fine lines. So, don’t go with the label which reads serum and don’t apply to your skin.

• Petroleum Jelly
Petroleum jelly when used on lips, ir can heal dry or cracked lips by sealing in the moisture. It can also help in dealing with bug stings. But it cannot work wonders if you apply it to your face. That’s because petroleum jelly also seals in dirt or pollutants on the skin. This can cause other skin problems such as acne, aging, dryness and many more. Therefore, during winters, if your facial skin turns dry don’t use petroleum jelly to solve the problem.

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