This is my first time writing an article I've always wanted to make one but I was never really sure what to write about. But today I decided to finally make one about my most favourite thing in the world... music. Without further a do this is a collection of all my favourite songs at the moment.

1. FLETCHER - bitter & you should talk

I don't even think she's capable of making a bad song, I love them all. But these two are really catchy.

favourite lyrics

bitter: I bet you sugarcoat the truth
I bet you're real sweet with her, yeah
I know you think about me when you kiss her
I left a taste in your mouth
Can she taste me now

you should talk: I'm the girl who ruins everything
When you cut me, I don't feel the pain
Never cared about you
That's what you're saying
If that's true
Why am I still in your old shirt, thinkin' 'bout you?

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2. Zara Larsson - ruin my life

I was obsessed with this song for the longest time, I can get tired of songs quite easily but this one is still going strong which says a lot.

favourite lyrics: You set fire to my world, couldn't handle the heat
Now I'm sleeping alone and I'm starting to freeze
Baby, come bring me hell

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3. Camila Cabello - shameless, liar, and easy

Okay this one has three songs I honestly couldn't just pick one I love her entire album, Romance. But if I had to pick a couple these ones stand out. Trust me listen to the album you'll understand.

favourite lyrics

Shameless: Now it's real
Now that you have me, do you want me still?

Liar: You're watching, I feel it
I know I shouldn't stare
I picture your hands on me
But what if, you kiss me?
And what if, I like it?

Easy:Tell me with your hands that you're never leaving
Always thought I was hard to love
'Til you made it seem so easy

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4. Lil Mosey - live this wild & G walk ft. Chris Brown

This one only has two, your welcome. seriously though these two songs are bangers. You probably know his other popular songs blueberry faygo and noticed, these are just as good.

favourite lyrics

live this wild: Fuck what you gon' say, you don't know me
I threw bands her way, now she on me
Run and chase the bag, we gon' get a bag
You can't lie, I'm the best that you had

G walk: New bitches switching up, they be on that same shit
If you ain't talking money, then you don't speak my language

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5. Conan Gray - maniac & Heather

His songs make me want to look at cotton candy clouds and dance in the rain.

favourite lyrics

heather: But I watch your eyes, as she
walks by what a sight for sore eyes brighter than a blue sky, she's got you mesmerised while I die why would you ever kiss me? I'm not even half, as pretty but how could I hate her? She's such an angel

Maniac: tell them you hate me and dated me just for laughs
So, why do you call me and tell me you want me back?
You maniac

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6. Pop Smoke - Invincible, Element, and Mannequin ft. Lil Tjay

Gone too soon. He was original and different and his songs always made me smile. Also his voice... do I have to say more.

favourite lyrics

Invincible: What the fuck a nigga tellin' me?
I spent 250 on my fist, I spent 250 on my bitch, double G
Niggas know I'm a threat

Element: I like dark skins, love her melanin
Christian Louboutin, when I'm steppin' in
I'm a gangsta, but I like to party
I'm a Brooklyn nigga, I'm cold-hearted

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7. Melanie Martinez - Playdate, Orange juice, Gingerbread man, Copy Cat ft. tierra whack and also all of her other songs.

My favourite artist of all time.

favourite lyrics: all of them lmao

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8. Machine gun kelly - Bloody valentine

I've recently gotten into his music and I'm glad that I did. Another honourable mention is I think I'm okay ft. yungblud and travis barker.

favourite lyrics: I can't hide
How I feel about you
I'd give everything up
If I could just have you be mine
Be mine, baby

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9. Alec Benjamin - Match in the rain

I love all his songs. here are some other ones you should listen to Jesus In LA, let me down slowly and mind is a prison.

favourite lyrics: I still want to make you love me, make you love me again
Even though my intuition tells me that it's the end
This love's impossible to save
I pretend that we're okay
I wish that we could compromise
But there's just nothin' left to say

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10. Olivia O'brien - jossyln

Her music is actually really catchy and super relatable.

favourite lyrics: I know we weren't together but we're more than friends
Said you couldn't see me while she gave you head
So please, don't ever call again
I hope that it was worth it, fucking josslyn

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Finally, you made it to the end this was pretty long. Although this was a lot of work it was super fun and I'm down to make another article whatever the topic may be. Hopefully you found some new songs to add to your playlist and discovered new artists. Have a great day or night whenever you happen to be reading this.