this is my first article about this tv show that i love so much so i hope you enjoy it

anne shirley, pretty, and smart image

full name;

Image removed hair, girl, and hairstyle image
elle autum arnett


chemise, clothes, and period drama image boots, anne with an e, and aesthetic image
17 years old


Temporarily removed eyes, eye, and brown image fashion, dress, and black image black, blue, and dress image fashion and black image dress, girl, and blue image
brown hair, brown eyes, small, slim stature and fair skin


Image removed anne with an e and aesthetic image horse and riding image book and period image
cheerful girl, always supporting and always being for others, extroverted and peaceful


hair, girl, and hairstyle image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed fashion, aesthetic, and outfit image white, gloves, and fashion image Image removed dress, clothes, and vintage image boots, black, and shoes image vintage, hair, and lace image gold, bracelet, and white image accessories, fashion, and style image fashion, lace, and aesthetic image
small hair clips and ribbons, light and dark dresses, nothing colorful with ribbons, gloves some times and wearing necklaces, small rings and bracelets all the time


handwriting, Paper, and pen image book, girl, and hair image Temporarily removed Image removed
writing, reading, ice skating and piano lessons


series, netflix, and profile pics image anne, anne of green gables, and show image anne shirley, cute, and friends image handsome, gilbert blythe, and cute image
anne shirley-cuthbert, diana barry, cole mackenzie and gilbert blythe


gilbert blythe, awae, and anne with an e image anne with an e and gilbert blythe image
gilbert blythe

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