I'm inspired, i want to comment, so we have this pt. 2. For the ones that didn't read the first article (that will be below this), i made a summary and give my opinion of my top members basing my opinion in this things:

1. Visuals
2. Skill
3. Personality
4. My companion's personal opinions (@belles9, again, thanks)
5. My personal opinion.

This article would give my extended opinion in the show, the members i have a conflict with and (extra because i needed to do this) how will i like to be the debut group till now. Probably in a time i will change this opinion because folks, IS ONE CHAPTER!

+ for the ones that have not read any of my articles (so basically all WHI xd), my mother language is Spanish, my English is fluent, but is not great, so if i have mistakes i'm so sorry.

Contestants I have a problem with
kpop, niki, and i-land image bts image
kpop, taki, and iland image kpop, taki, and iland image
grateful to the person that uploaded this because i was not going to do it

Sooooo, Taki... If i'm not wrong, he is the youngest of the group. Yoongi biased and have... cringy(? photos with posters and things of bts... Okay guys, so, I also have merch (a poster and a t-shirt, i dont have moneyyy) but taking photos nearly kissing them..? No. That's not my main problem, i don't care if he is obsessed over them or not ( i actually do but will talk about that later).

This tiny kid, is pretty childish, and i don't care if he is childish, he is a kid.. BUT, dude, this is like your future(?, you want to be an idol, YOU HAVE TO TRY AT LEAST. His presentation was terrible, his face made me laugh like an idiot... he just doesn't have the skills.

Probably now you might say is because he is young... mmm.. nO. Other two members (Niki and Daniel) are near his age, and this guys are really talented... so...

Another thing. I might be a bitch here, but, it will be really weird if he works with BTS. I don't care if they meet, they are his idols, he has the opportunity, go for it, but an ARMY that is only there for BTS in the same place...(?

I don't think that would work.

iland image JAKe, iland, and kpop image

Okay, let's get this clear. When i first watched the interview, I was pretty in love with him. He is a visual okay? He is really hot... And a difference he has with Taki, my problem with him is not just his personality... NO. Actually, he seems pretty nice, nothing from another world even tho is weird. I don't care.

My problem? Look, in superior class (I-LAND) the maximum number where 12 and if i'm not wrong, they were total... 23 members. Even tho his presentation with his unit was the best, he didn't have the vocals nither the dance skill his other members had... I will like him to go to the inferior class... and that's the problem, he is really popular and no many people will want him off.

I HOPE REALLY HOPE during the next chapters he improves, because if he does he will have my support and i will love to see him shine, but if not, he has to go.

kpop, seon, and iland image kpop, seon, and iland image

Seon was actually my favorite before the show (if you don't believe me.. ask my partner), when he appeared i shouted my lungs out. His personality is charming and he is a visual. Also, he was the first to go on stage (With Got7's Lullaby, which is one my favorite songs) so i was excited.

He passed. And i know it's not his fault... He didn't choose voted for him, and Geonu (the first guy that voted) has not the fault either. They didn't have standars, they just thought he was okay.

I like him, i enjoy his existence(? but i don't want him in superior class until he proves he can be there because the other trainees are really talented, gods compared to him.

Opinions in general
bts, meme, and jungkook image bts, jimin, and meme image

The show is really cruel, it was the first chapter, they already made drama, they already cried, and the last thing we saw of the chapter is K/Jake (i'm not sure who) crying! THE FUCK HE WAS CRYING?! YES HE WAS.

One of the producers started talking with: you might think this is cruel. ACTUALLY, Is really cruel, they have their partners future in their hands, if they hate someone and just decide to go against him even tho he is really talented, they will kill his career.

Is that good? NO. IS NOT. 1. They are kids, Seon, who is 22, is an adult that is a baby... like no.

They are adolescents, adolescents are hormonal. Niki, that is an angel, voted being impartial, if all of them do that, it would be better, but i don't think that will happen.

Then, we have my personal problem. I'm not into exposing people crying in tv shows/movies/videos because for me... that's personal. In BTS movie i cried because they showed many strong parts in which they cried and that is sad.

But finishing a chapter with someone crying? I think that is a way of making the viewer continue seeing the show. It was not necessary, they already have NikixTaki drama, that's enough.

My group

SO, I will just include 5 members which i feel they would be really good bandmates with the info i have because i can't say in a right way who is more talented... i have seen them once...

(I actually re-watched the presentations)

kpop, i-land, and profile image kpop, i-land, and profile image

He made a BOSS cover (NCT-U) and i see him as a really strong vocalist.

kpop, i-land, and trainee image kpop, i-land, and trainee image

Fake maknae with REALLY STRONG VOCALS, visual, and potential for being a rapper if they teach him.

kpop, i-land, and trainee image kpop, i-land, and trainee image

DEFINETLY themaknae, vocalist, dance line, and the baby of the group, have you seen his smile(? ART.

kpop, i-land, and jay image kpop, i-land, and jay image

It's obvious, he would be the main rapper. OBVIOUSLY. Also lead dance(?

trainee, bighit, and K image K, kpop, and i-land image

Oldest boy, talented, vocalist, and not a rapper. He is cute... so also a visual.


I really hope this opinions change, they are not good opinions in general and i would hate to continue having conflicts with the three members...

Anyways, thanks as always: