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Today I bring you the 9th part of my 500 albums of 2020: number 201 to number 225! This month I’ve been a little lazy to listen to new things

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DISCLAIMER: These are just my opinions, I don't mean to offend anyone or any artist. Everyone has a different taste in music so even if our opinions aren't the same, it's all good :)

225 out of 500 albums

”Heart to mouth” by LP (7/10)

lp image famous, fashion, and lp image
I couldn't find the cover, but the 1st picture is from the same photoshoot

LP is such a vibe I can’t explain, I don’t listen to her very often but when I do it’s an experience. Love her voice so much

”Rui Veloso” by Rui Veloso (8/10)

boy, smoke, and grunge image photography, portugal, and portrait image
There are no pictures related to him

This is one of the biggest icons from my country, the music is amazing. It’s such an amazing rock and blues mix. I recommend it to anyone

”O monstro precisa de amigos” by Ornatos Violeta (9/10)

Temporarily removed love image

If portuguese indie was a band, this would be it. It’s fantastic and I can’t stop listening. My friends are super obsessed and tried to get me to like it before, but somehow I didn’t. Now I love it

”Tempo” by Pedro Abrunhosa (6/10)

2020, aesthetic, and black and white image adventure, amazing, and architecture image
Couldn't find any pictures related to him

I was in a portuguese mood as you can tell. This is another classic artist, his music is very distinct and easy to recognize as his singing is sort of talking (?). It’s a weird technique but everyone loves it

”Mingos e samurais” by Rui Veloso (5/10)

adventure, buildings, and cityscape image adventure, architecture, and buildings image

The whole album is pretty meh except for “A paixão”. You can play that song anywhere in Portugal and everyone will start singing and sometimes crying, it’s super intense to everyone

”A night at the opera” by Queen (8/10)

Temporarily removed Queen, brian may, and Freddie Mercury image

I know it is one of Queen’s masterpieces but it’s not my favourite album of them. Some songs are super but others weren’t that appealing to me

”Boom Boom Room Side A” by Palaye Royale (9/10)

Image removed glitters, sebastian danzig, and pr image
I couldn't find the cover

Palaye Royale are so not as appreciated as they should. It can be defined as garage rock but I don’t care much for genres. Remington’s voice is heaven

”Drones” by Muse (9/10)

dark, grey, and grunge image muse and Matt Bellamy image

After overcoming my strange aversion to them, this was the 2nd album I heard. One of my favourites ever tbh

”Cão” by Ornatos Violeta (8/10)

awesome, acoustic, and alternative image manuel cruz, ornatos violeta, and manel cruz image
There were no pictures of the cover

I also can’t stop listening to this album, especially “Mata-me outra vez”

”Hesitation Marks” by Nine Inch Nails (6/10)

NIN, Nine Inch Nails, and music image Marilyn Manson, Trent Reznor, and twiggy ramirez image

I was a little disappointed. I was expecting some life altering thing but it was a bit boring

”Innerspeaker” by Tame Impala (8/10)

tame impala, innerspeaker, and music image tame impala image

Most of my friends love Tame Impala, so I had to finish all their albums, this was the last one I had left. It was very good but my favourite is still Lonerism

”Awaken, my love!” by Childish Gambino (8/10)

childish gambino, donald glover, and album image donald glover and childish gambino image

I don’t know why but I had the urgent need to listen to him out of nowhere. Was not disappointed, can’t wait to listen to more

”The doors” by The Doors (8/10)

grunge, retro, and the doors image Image by intimidator

They have some amazing songs but others were just like “meh it’s the same as the others”

”Wish you were here” by Pink Floyd (1010)

Pink Floyd and wish you were here image Pink Floyd, music, and rock image

Boy oh boy was this brilliant. The first song killed me, and so did the rest. I want to listen to it on repeat and cry with all the emotions

”Synchronicity” by The Police (6/10)

synchronicity, the police, and album image 80s, band, and the police image

I don’t have much to say about this album, it’s ok, nothing too fancy

”Are you experienced” by The Jimi Hendrix experience (9/10)

Image removed Jimi Hendrix image

Somehow it took me 17 years but I did it. I listened to god himself

”The 2nd Law” by Muse (8/10)

Law, muse, and music image background, band, and muse image

Although I didn’t enjoy it as much as Drones, it’s still amazing. We now love Muse

”Led Zeppelin II” by Led Zeppelin (8/10)

60s, album art, and album cover image led, zeppelin, and blues rock image

I only realized “Whole lotta love” was by them when I heard this, I thought it was someone totally different. I believe this one is better than Physical Graffiti

”Out of our heads” by The Rolling Stones (8/10)

album, charlie watts, and mick jagger image Image removed

Definitely my least favourite so far but great nonetheless

”Slippery when wet” by Bon Jovi (8/10)

Temporarily removed 80s and bon jovi image

Most songs were bangers, but still wasn’t a 9 for me

”Use your illusion I” by Guns and Roses (5/10)

Temporarily removed axl rose, Guns N Roses, and rock image

I’m so disappointed, this album has like 3 awesome songs but the rest is so not interesting

”Billy Idol” by Billy Idol (6/10)

billy idol image billy idol and music image
I couldn't find the cover

I don’t think it was a very special album. I’ll always have a great time while listening to White Wedding tho

”Metallica” by Metallica (7/10)

metallica image 80s, metallica, and James Hetfield image

I only knew the most famous ones but I’ll say the album was better than I expected. Maybe my hopes were just super low after those last albums

”Leftoverture” by Kansas (8/10)

art, cover, and album image band, Kansas, and music image

This album was pretty cool, I didn’t really know what to expect of it as I had only ever heard Carry on my Wayward Son. It had a lot of cool songs that I’ll probably listen to a lot

”Dire Straits” by Dire Straits (9/10)

band, rock and roll, and album image Abusive image

Now this was a surprise. Every single song was amazing. I didn’t think I’d enjoy it this much! Guess I have to listen to more albums

Thank you for joining me for the 9th part of my series. We’re almost halfway there, it’s so exciting! I feel as if I’ve been writing less with each article but some albums just don’t have much to be said about. As always, if you’d like to suggest an album feel free to message me.

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