// hi, so i was surfing through articles and came across this, aaand i thought i'd try it, so yeah :D
// questions + idea by

  • you open your playlist
  • put it on shuffle
  • write down the song that's playing during each question as the answer

//it might just be mainly k-pop and half of it might not even make sense lol let's do this

opening credits ~

sunset image
i’ll wait for you, let’s start over, so that in the future i can meet you again with a smile // let go by bts

theme of your birth ~

flowers, aesthetic, and nature image
where did you come from, baby? and were you sent to save me? oh there's god in every move, oh and you're the living proof // living proof by camila cabello

first day at school ~

love, message, and quotes image
i can't help but imagine what maybe could've happened if you weren't just an online love // (online love) by conan gray

first fight ~

couple, love, and dance image
may i find someone in this lonely night & may he walk a couple of steps with me lovingly, without asking for my name may he just tells me that he likes my style // desi romance - shaadi ke side effects (suchi, arijit singh)

first loving frustration ~

night, awake, and text image aesthetic, car, and drive image
my insecurities are hurting me, someone please come and flirt with me, i really need a mirror that'll come along and tell me that I'm fine // 3 am by halsey

theme of your school life ~

couple, love, and sunset image
why do we hum for no reason? why do we smile for no reason? our eyelids have started shining, how do we hide our dreams now? // phir kabhi - ms dhoni the untold story (arijit singh)

theme of your adult life ~

Image by -𝐝𝐞𝐞
i just wanna be the best of me, even though sometimes, we might disagree, so that I can be the best for you // changes by justin bieber

valentine song ~

Image by -𝐝𝐞𝐞
and you bless me with the best gift that i've ever known, you give me purpose // purpose by justin bieber

first define your relationship ~

Image by -𝐝𝐞𝐞
you wanna hurt yourself i’ll stay with you, you wanna make yourself go through the pain, it’s better to be held than holding on // she's in the rain by the rose

wedding song ~

mirror, black and white, and photography image
my shoulders are only here so that you can rest // maze in the mirror by tomorrow x together

first time song ~

love, kiss, and lesbian image
but we both found each other tonight, so if love is nothing more than just a waste of your time, tell me why not waste it on me // waste it on me by steve aoki, bts

first song played in your car ~

Image by -𝐝𝐞𝐞
you're damned if you do and you're damned if you don't so you might as well just do whatever you want // follow your arrow by kacey musgraves

theme of your flashbacks ~

gif image
even if it's just in your memories, my hearts is always dancing, just like before // nap of a star by tomorrow x together

song of the birth of your firstborn ~

Image by -𝐝𝐞𝐞
cause there's a crown covered in glitter and gold, i'm gonna wear it, whether you like it or not // hallelujah by oh wonder

song that will be playing when you die ~

friends image
let's set each other's lonely nights, be each other's paradise // company by justin bieber

song that will be played at your funeral ~

anime, your name, and anime movies image aesthetic, anime, and digital art image
and i'm so scared to watch you grow, without my hand for you to hold 'cause i swore i would be your soul and never let you walk alone // i was in heaven by chelsea cutler

final credits ~

art, sunset, and anime image
don't you cry no more, as the sun will shine a thousand times, don't you worry dear, dark clouds will soon clear // sunset chaser by ragamuffs


that's the end, ^^ i couldn't complete it in one go bc something happened haha but ye, it was fun,,, see you soon ♡

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