it's my birthday in 2 days and i just saw this, so why not. credit to @kyutiemochi for making this <3

how old are you?

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I'm 17 :)

when is your birthday?

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my birthday is june 27th

how old will you be turning?

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18 :)

are you excited for your birthday?

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I've been so terrfied, but I've made a little peace with it, so a little yes

how did this age treat you?

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Hmm. Like a rollercoaster. I've had some really tough times, but I've also grown a lot.

what did you learn being this age? (age you are right now)

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Well I'm still learning, but that it's needed to confront people sometimes and that I also deserve attention. I've also learned a bunch on what to do with my feelings.

what do you plan on doing when you turn that age?

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Well many things, but the only thing related to me turning 18 is that I'm gonna move out at one point I guess.

do you celebrate your birthday?

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I do, yeah. Usually with my family, but this year just my mom and my sisters.

are you glad you're getting older?

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Meh. I'm super scared about it, but I guess it has some perks.

what are your three wishes for your birthday?

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Peace, good health and growth.