So, this summer, in about a month, I will be moving to Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. I have been planning to move there for quite a while, but I still feel sad about leaving the area in which I have lived most of my life.

The first time I moved away from home I was just excited. But as time passed I got more and more homesick. The second town I moved to next was not really a good fit, so I missed home even more.

The thing is, I will probably stay in Stockholm for quite some time. I might move somewhere else, but I will most likely keep moving back to Stockholm. It will be my new home, so to speak.

You see, I fell in love when I moved for the first time. And after years of living in different cities since then, we are finally taking the step to move in together.

Even though I am excited for our relationship, I also feel kind of scared. I decided to write this article to help myself focus on the excited part.

Now, Stockholm is a beautiful city. Even though it is the capital of Sweden, it is not very big (in international measures). It has plenty of greens and blues - that is parks and being close to the ocean.

Like I said, I will move there during summer.

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I will be looking forward to late night walks just seeing the beauty of the architecture and the social life. Drinking in pubs and enjoying the heat.

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Even though I obviously like summer, I am mostly looking forward to fall, as it is my favorite season of the year. The beautiful colors. The rain. The cozy sweaters.

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Going for long walks in the park while drinking coffee.

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The worst season is winter. Do not get me wrong - a proper winter is amazing. But cities tend to heat up more, which typically means less snow. In Scandinavia the winter is really dark and without the snow there will just be 6 months of grey. It could go either way. Maybe we will get lucky.

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I will want to spend these months in cafés and with reading books and watching netflix.

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Then there is spring. Always brings hope to us depressed scandinavians who are longing for the sun.

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Watching the trees bloom. Kind of a big event in Stockholm and surrounding areas.

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Of course there are plenty of things you can do in the capital. Maybe I will get a one-year entry to a museum, the amusement park, or the aquarium. Or just go to a market.

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If all else fails. I can always visit the people in the area I am from.