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My dream has always been to be a character of the gossip girl, here it is possible...Come on

NAME: Robin Miller

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Born in Orange County, is a distant cousin of Blair Waldorf, her mother Kira has an old feud with her sister, Eleanor W. and so Robyn never had much contact with the Upper East Side. Her existence was only discovered when she started studying at The Knightley School, and was spotted by the Gossip Girl.


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Image by 🥀🍃 classy, Couture, and dress image fashion, model, and outfit image girl and model image


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Now has a boyfriend but was once in love with Nate Archibald


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Had her school files leaked in the blog cause no one was believing that she and B were realative but had no great problem. Gossip Girl named as " The Excluded".


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Have a family, be a great singer, travel the world...

XOXO,Gossip Girl