I've actually only read the first book, which was great, and watched the first movie, which was terrible. Have fun reading! :)

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I like the name Ivy and the meaning. It means dependence, endurance, and faithfulness. And my sister said it suited me best out of the names I offered.


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Her mother is Persephone and her father is Hades, but she is considered the daughter of Persephone. Few know Hades is her full father.


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Ivy has long black hair, usually pulled back into a ponytail. Her half-siblings have lighter hair than her because her black hair is from Hades. Her eyes are emerald green, representing nature. Her skin is pale and cold. She is quite thin and not very strong.


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Usually has the Camp Half-blood shirt on, but otherwise wheres pastel colors. Mainly blue.


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A bow and arrows. She finds them durable and quick.


She has many step-brothers and step-sisters from both Hades and Persephone's side.


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florokinesis, can turn anyone or anything into flowers for a limited time, can create a dimensional pocket, zoopathy, can create travel roses, necromancy, Shadow travel.


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Independent, responsible, melancholy, aloof, polite, intelligent


Ivy doesn't really have friends. She tends to keep to herself and mainly hang out with different animals. She usually only talks to the people in her cabin.


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Reading, archery, writing, piano

That's all folks! Thanks for reading!