Today for the first time in six months, I woke up to birds chirping around my window, not to horning cars or working builders on the street. I almost forgot what they sounded like. I went to the balcony to see if Mrs. Ana needed anything. Luckily, she had her family over so I think I’m free for the day. Nothing was left for me to do but to go to Potions Café in an hour. The only thing missing to this perfect morning is my special Chocó drink. I drank my chocolate with ice cubes and wiped cream on it caramel. Adding my secret ingredient which I won’t tell you about. ( not love). I got ready for my shift putting some effort this time. All was going fine till some idiot left his couch at my door blocking my way. I managed to climb over the couch but my leg got stuck between its pillows and tripped over. “Need help there,” said a wannabe knight “no, just looking for any dust bunnies,” I thought but I said, “no, thank you,” I said with a huff, straightening myself. I rushed downstairs and jumped into the bus before it was about to leave.
I reached potions café owned by wonderful Miss. Odey, the kindest boss from New Orleans I have ever had but she got a thing for making me wear like a witch: green and black leggings, with a black leather top, a black shirt above the knee and of course a witchy hat, to allow the customers to fully experience the café theme. I opened the door greeted by ringing bells and Miss Odey. “Good Afternoon. What happened to your arm there?” “Troubles with a couch” I replied. “Aha, the owner of the couch is coming later today.” said Miss Odey sipping her drink, “Really! tell me who he is and I’ll punch him.”

The day went smoothly serving kids, girls, and couples until the man I bumped into this morning entered the shop with a group of other guys. I started tapping furiously. “Hello again,” he said as soon as he noticed who I am. I’m sure I must have shown my sour face. “How may I serve you,” I said. His friends stood back pushing him over possibly worried that one of them has to deal with me. He apologized for putting the couch at the door since his apartment was across mine. He blocked my way so he could try to get it through the door. “oh, so I had to flip over that couch and hit the floor because of you.” “It’s not my fault, you couldn’t wait for the couch to be lifted and I did offer you a hand, didn’t I?” I didn’t say a thing after what he said. I pouted and faced the other way crossing my arms. His friends started bugging him to go. “I’ll catch up with you later, guys.” They left him to be. “so, you have a potion that can let you forget this and let me invite you to dinner to make up for this morning, we’re going to be neighbors after all.” Miss Odey kept looking our way surely to see what I’m going to do. “True” I replied when I realized our situation. “I don’t want to feel awkward walking in the hallway if we ran into each other.” “I’ll come to pick you up at 8 then.” “yea, about dinner, let’s not do that.” “Okay, thanks.” “Hey” I shouted. “Your drink.” Miss Odey said consequently “I didn’t order anything.” “oh, Miss Odey always knows what her customers’ drinks.” I added, “it’s on the house.” She continued. She handed him his cup with a soft smile.
He left with his drink. Although we live on the same floor, our interacts were fewer than our first day. Surely, good things never last forever. Mrs. Ana’s cat, Behys ran away and got stuck on a tree on the crossing between our buildings. Behys wasn’t going to get down any time sooner so I had to climb up. I reached the cat then I let him down. I jumped off the branch by letting go. As luck would have it, my neighbor was walking talking to his phone and I happen to fall into his arm. “Unbelievable” he must have thought but instead, he said, “oh, you’re falling for me now.” He’s a comedian, now. This won’t do me any good. “I was getting a cat down that belongs to the nice lady in the balcony there. Don’t get any ideas!” I pointed at Mrs. Ana, who waved back to prove my point. He looked at her, a nice old lady has a light black leaning to grey from all her white hair, her oceanic eyes were gates to a kind soul with lots of tales, she has few wrinkles around her eyes. “Does that mean you’re free today?” “No, I have my hands full with Mrs. Ana and Behys. Plus, she’s teaching me her amazing recipes and I’m not missing it for the world.” Then Mrs. Ana called me and asked if the guy I’m with would like to join us. No, Mrs. Ana, don’t do that to me. I kept groaning while he smirked. “Shall we?” how I wanted to smack that smile off his face. As we walked towards her apartment, awkward silence stood between us. Good thing Miss Ana is on the second floor. The moment we knocked on the door, we’re greeted by Mrs. Ana. Behys approach us. “Oh, I won’t forgive you that easily.” I thought the cat looking at us with its round blue eyes. Brusquely, it went around his legs, rubbing her black fur and purred. “Really, Behys after what I did for you, traitor!” Mrs. Ana laughed at us and said “Sorry about that, Melody doesn’t see an eye to eye with Behys.” He went off laughing holding his stomach as he’s about to burst. “I see that all-male species don’t settle well with you,” humph. he calmed down “So, your name is Melody, I’d never have guessed.” responded Mr. cool guy. “And what’s your name, smartypants?” “Eric.”
Before I could make a joke about it, Mrs. Ana opened the door and pulled him in. “Come in, now,” welcoming him with a warm heart. She eyed him before ushering him inside. Behys and I followed. Eric eyes widened when he looked around, amazed by the statues and paintings here and there. “Did something catch your eyes?” Mrs. Ana asked in delight. “No, yes, ah, who made these?” “Madame Ana is an incredible collector. She has an eye for things. Mrs. Ana’s cheeks turned pink from my words. Mrs. Ana hid her embarrassment by suggesting going to prepare tea and coffee. Eric continued inspecting the statues till a painting was sitting on a sofa in the back caught his interest. It was of a man with a dark tan in his navy-blue uniform on it three medals. “Does he look familiar?” He didn’t answer. Then, he looked at Madame Ana who came back with a tray holding three cups of tea and two coffee mugs. “oh, Mrs. Ana. Let me help.” I handled the tray from her. He averted his eyes from the painting. He went for a cup of coffee from the tray in my hands, he asked Mrs. Ana who was the person in the painting.
Mrs. Ana waited for me to settle the tray as took my earl grey tea with one cube of sugar. Behys joined us and curled himself between Eric and me. “oh, I’ve meaning to ask but why have you named him, Behys?” Eric said taming the cat. “It’s an Arabic synonym for lion, Assad.” “yea, a lion,” I repeated smiling at the cat who looked at me then closed his eyes again. “Madam Ana, about the man in the painting I asked you about?”
To be continued....