To answer that question we’d have to interview every fan there is who belong to different age group, it certainly is a phenomenon. We personally at The Movie Culture doesn’t feel that Friends is overrated. Friends is scheduled to return on HBO Max with all the original cast for F.R.I.E.N.D.S special Episode.

The show ended in 2004, and it wasn’t cancelled to other claims. It was at a point where everyone involved was earning 1 Million for each episode. Jennifer Aniston went on record saying every Friend was as equal as the other. Matter of fact they still get paid royalties for the re-runs.

Every story needs strong supporting characters,there were plenty in Friends in the likes of Janice, Richard, Ben, Susan, Carole, Emma and Paul Rudd’s Mike. Gunther too, I believe he deserves a section of his own as far as he is concerned he might still be in a relationship with Rachel.

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