Hello again and welcome back... If you have been someone that has read the articles I've written I just want to say thank you and that it means a lot!

Today I'm writing about something some people struggle with, including me. And that is showing weakness. Weakness feels like our worst enemy. The second I lower my walls or as much as tear up I immediately feel like I'm being pitied or thought lower of.

A friend of mine today, after an emotional talk kept reassuring me that weakness shouldn't be considered a flaw but something that makes us stronger. She told me: It's okay to show weakness

But I refused. I wouldn't allow it. With every tear that fell, I hated myself even more for showing that the talk we were previously having was affecting me so badly.

I'm a proud person but only because I've been hurt so many times. I learnt that people will take advantage of you the second you show any signs of weakness. And the last thing I want is to be taken advantage off. Weaknesses make us human, means we have emotions and feelings.

I just refuse to show them.

I acknowledge them when I'm by myself and can connect with my thoughts and feelings but prefer to keep them hidden from the world. Maybe someday, or somehow when I have accepted or come to terms with them I'll be able to talk with more ease about them.

But until then, I want people to know that words can't hurt me.

Even if they do.

I'm not saying to close up and bottle your feelings. Just that some people deal with emotions differently. No matter the case, each human is different and each personality special. Love yourself for who you are with flaws and all.

Till next time x

Self Love Team...
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