There's my 5 favs song you should listen :)

  • Let me be the one by Iza & Maejor
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Iza is one of my fav brazilian singers! This is a beautiful song made for Humanity Lab Foundation (UN)

  • Cyber Sex by Doja Cat
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GUUURL, its a global hit! You don't need more reasons to listen it.

  • Rojo by J Balvin
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Latino power!! I love this song! You should also watch the video clip, i promise it is perfect.

  • Amor de que by Pabllo Vittar
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If you don't know who is Pabllo Vittar, which planet do you live? "Amor de que" is probably 100% different from all you have heard and you gonna love it!

  • Mona lisa by VALNTN & Peter Fenn
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I'm just in love with this song! It's not a global hit, but you should give it chance, specially it you like alternative music

I hope you like my suggestions!

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