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I started to watch Miraculous with my nephew thinking it was just another stupid cartoon, but now I`m really loving it!

It has a nice storyline and well made characters. So I decided to watch all the episodes in order to improve my french 😊.

Marinette Dupain-Cheng a.k.a. Ladybug
hair, blue, and hairstyle image eyes, glitter, and blue image love, quotes, and breathe image colour, denim, and fashion image etsy, ladybug earrings, and gift for kids image Image by @Kranli paris, travel, and france image bag, pink, and cute image boho, flats, and H&M image bike, paris, and bicycle image
Marinette in RL would always be dressed up simply, following that famous effortless french chic. Bakery owned by her parents would be the place where she regularly gathers her school friends.

Adrien Agreste a.k.a. Cat Noir
Temporarily removed black, grunge, and guy image fencing and en garde image travel, paris, and city image cat, cute, and animal image jewel, man, and ring image Temporarily removed fab, fucking, and heart image Image by Jarbas Jacare gloves image
Adrien in RL would develop a strong passion in fencing and also in drawing (since his father is a famous designer). He would also secretly write his own book of jokes, hoping the book will be a major success in the future.

And lastly, no doubt: these two are soulmates. Just like they always succeed in saving the day, likewise they will always be able to save their romance.

adrinette image

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