[day 24 // June 24, 2020]

"make a list of things you always postpone"

learning embroidery
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i have the kit, i just need to do tutorials and start. i've just been so busy and too lazy to learn something completely new
developing my lab research website.
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i always procrastinate and feel kind of lost and confused sometimes.
making a "what i eat each day" vlog
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i always forget to film
reading my book
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again, i feel so busy to read, but im really trying
creating a mood gif video
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i also don't have time and my project right now is left unfinished
my workouts
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but i've been good at doing a 20 minute ab exercise and yoga every day now!
learning about financial literacy
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i need to learn about investments and my bank account pretty soon
practice my driving
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i need to learn how to drive comfortably around my area so i can see friends and g