Chapter 2
Alright so let's get started. Now we're going back to Monday the first day of the week. Usually I would drive to school, but Beck and I had made plans after school so he was picking me up that day. I had about 30 minutes before he got to my house, so I made us coffees to take to school. Before I say anymore I want to give you guys a better picture of how Beck is/looks.
First off he is a dark haired guy, he is hispanic on his dads side, but his mom is from the US, parents from Europe. He was born here and he's always been a fan of soccer since he was 2 years old or so his dad says. He is very into cute things like dates in the park and surprising me with random gestures here and there. He has a great body I mean he has more than an average high school student one. He's been working on his abs lately and he has made great progress over the last year. He is very tan and very immune to any acne which I hate. Yea that's pretty much it oh before I forget he's tall.

My first ever boyfriend and we lasted two years. It really doesn't matter though, I still got butterflies in my stomach when I saw him and when he kissed me. It all felt like the first time with him. I hadn't told him I loved him yet, but I did feel like I loved or love him. He said it at our one year anniversary. So I wanted to tell him with a surprise I had in mind, but you'll see that didn't happen.
Back to that day. He had called me to let me know he was there. When I got outside I hadn't checked the weather and apparently it was raining. Of course I forgot my jacket. I guess Beck had seen me from his car and he got down to bring me one of his. "Hey babe," he kissed me all of a sudden, "where's your jacket?" He said sternly before taking both coffees from my hands so I could throw on his. "Are one of these mine?"
"Of course." I said with a smile, "I hope you like it I bought new flavors." I grabbed my cup from him and we both walked back to his car. His hoodie smelled like his cologne and I felt extra happy. He opened the door for me when we got to the car like always. But when I got in the car I saw his phone had a call. There was no caller ID, so I figured it was a marketing call and I picked up. "Hello?" No one answered on the other line, so I hung up as he got in.
"Who was that?" He asked while turning his car on and putting my backpack in the back seat.
"Oh no one answered and there was no caller ID." I put his phone down and he leaned over to give me a kiss.
"Weird." He smiled and that was that. Nothing else was mentioned and it was never brought up again. Looking back I guess I should have noticed the number. When we got to school we walked in together and we parted ways once I saw my best friend.
She was waiting for me like always at the entrance of the cafeteria.
After school we met up and nothing was different or at least I didn't seem to notice anything different. We went on a small date to get yogurt and a drive in movie. We made out a little during the movie and then he took me home. He stayed for a bit before he went home and we played some games while we talked a while.